A quick little post from me today on the wonderful Shadow Switch. We all know how annoying it is when we got to apply eyeshadow and realise we have completely forgotten to wash the red shadow from our 90's grunge look yesterday. However, fear not because Ashleigh has the answer.

The Shadow Switch is a dry brush makeup cleaner, available on Amazon here for £5.99 and is simply the saviour you need in your life. The tin features a sponge like material inside which can clean your brushes hygienically within seconds. Simply swirl your brush around and watch it become clean before your eyes... ready for application for the next colour eyeshadow! 

You can clean the Shadow Switch with soapy water, but it's recommended to replace it every 2 months or so to keep the hygiene at its best! A wonderful product that deserves a mention.

Disclaimer: PR sample

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