Wimbledon: it’s the oldest tennis tournament in the world and yet it still grips us year after year. Taking place from 3rd July – 16th July 2017, it’s set to be another year of thrills and spills; as Andy Murray battles to take home his third champion title.

While the rest of us will be tuning-in at home, you may have been lucky enough to bag a ticket. As well as packing your sunscreen, you’ll need to make sure your outfit is on-point.

In the past, Wimbledon was known to have a notoriously stringent dress code. Thankfully, this has relaxed in more recent times, with only fashion extremes like ripped jeans and dirty trainers failing to make the cut. Despite this, getting dressed up for Wimbledon is half the fun! 
To help you look your best, Daniel Footwear is on-hand to offer some advice.


As we’ve already mentioned, there are certain pieces of clothing that shouldn’t be worn to Wimbledon. We suggest leaving your casual clothes behind in favour of a smart-casual look, as seen on famous Wimbledon attendees like Kim Murray or Sienna Miller.

Of course, being in Britain, the outfits you choose will be influenced heavily by the ever-changeable weather. If the weather is overcast, it’s best to stick to trousers and a tailored jacket. Wear a loose-fitting vest or top underneath the jacket, so that you’re prepared if the sun does make an appearance.

Thankfully, the weather is usually good for the tournament, with many spectators soaking up the sun as well as the atmosphere. If the weather forecasts are in your favour, choose clothing that will keep you cool — floaty sundresses, tailored shorts and lightweight tops will help to keep you cool in the July heat. Make sure you pack a cover-up too — a cardigan or thin jacket is great for the matches that last long after the sun goes down.



The great thing about Wimbledon is that you’ll do minimal walking. For many, this will offer greater potential in terms of footwear. If you are planning on wearing heels, choose a mid-height pair to remain in-keeping with the smart-casual vibe.
Sandals are the perfect choice for Wimbledon, although flip flops are a little too casual. Instead, wear strappy formal sandals — they’ll keep your feet comfortable and cool.



What is an outfit without the perfect finishing touches? Sat in the sun all day, you may be tempted to wear a hat. However, these are often frowned upon, as the floppy sunhats that are currently on-trend can block the views of the people behind you. 

Instead, you should shield your eyes with a pair of sunglasses instead, making sure you don’t miss out on any of the action!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Daniel Footwear.


  1. It's cool to see that the dress code is a bit more relaxed as it gives you more leeway to experiment. x

  2. You've got a great fashion style and you look great in the sun :)

  3. I haven't managed to get to Wimbledon yet - despite living just two tube stops away for nearly 10 years! x

  4. You look amazing! I love the MOROCCAN CROCHET outfit the most, and those sandals are gorgeous!

  5. Loving all the outfits! I've never been to Wimbledon, but if I ever go I'll keep the tips in mind.

  6. I love all your outfits, you look fab!Those sandals are lovely

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