Despite having to straighten my hair everyday, I noticed my previous straighteners were starting to deteriorate in performance. I would straighten my hair every morning and by the time I jumped off the tube to walk to work, my hair would be a kinky mess all over again.

Luckily, Lee Stafford got in touch just at the right time and I haven't looked back since. My old straighteners are now no more (RIP) and 'The Straightener' by Lee Stafford has become my new favourite thing to use on my hair.

*** Oh, and FYI... I have another pair to giveaway, so to be in with the chance of getting your hands on a new pair of straighteners, check out the end of this post! ***

I've always craved silky and smooth locks, but always thought I could never achieve this due to how light blonde my hair is. However, I was wrong; because these straighteners have been giving me the desired princess locks that I have wanted for so long. Even more, my hair remains straight all day; even after a stuffy tube ride to work.

They work great on my hair extensions too; by making sure the hair is sleek and smooth enough to blend in with my own natural hair. I've used the straighteners on a mix of medium and thick extensions and it seems to work fine, but works best if the heat setting is set slightly higher.

The straighteners use a LED display which I much prefer because it's easier to see what temperature the straighteners are at. It also means that it only takes around 60 seconds for the straighteners to reach a maximum temperature of 230°C. Excellent for an impatient person like me in the mornings!

The plates are made from nano silver titanium and range from 80 to 230. I've been using them every day since I received them and have really noticed how great they are at gliding through the hair. There's no pulling, no snapping the hair and no getting the hair tangled in the plates. These are all of the problems I faced with my old straighteners. 

I have also been using these straighteners to curl my hair on days that I don't want a straight look. Usually by midday, the curls will drop despite how much hairspray is used to secure the curls in place. Now I can spend a little longer on my hair in the mornings and have the look stay in place all day without dropping.

Retailing at £79.95 on Amazon, The Straightener by Lee Stafford is a little pricier than cheaper brands but they perform ten times better than other heated tools I have used. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who struggles to keep their hair straight for the whole day. With a 5 year guarantee too, you're set to have a good hair journey with these hot things. Pardon the pun.

Rating: 5/5


I have another pair to give away to one lucky reader of my blog. The giveaway will run from today (8th January), for ONE week only, until the 15th January. To enter, all you have to do is fill in the form below to win! Good luck!

Win a Lee Stafford Academy Straightener #17


  1. Love Lee Stafford products! In dire need of new straighteners, had mine for years now and definitely in need of an upgrade!


  2. love gift to win

  3. Wow can't believe these got such a good rating from yourself, I thought GHDs were what everyone loved

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  4. Brilliant post! I want to enter but im in california visiting at the moment ahh! Your review has really made me want some of these myself haha

    Amy x

  5. Anonymous9/1/17

    Thanks for the chance

  6. I love seeing reviews for more affordable straighteners. These look amazing!

    Katie | http://katieameliaxo.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. What a lovely giveaway and review. This seems a great price for straighteners. I may have to enter!

  8. I love Lee Stafford products. Been a fan for years and I'm in need of new straighteners the ones I have snag my hair and even though they go to 230 they never feel hot enough even on my naturally straight hair

  9. These sound amazing! Good luck everyone! x

  10. Jane Bott12/1/17

    Hi I would love to win this gift x

  11. Stacey Ganner13/1/17

    It won't give me the points for following on twitter ��?

  12. Anonymous15/1/17

    Lovely Prize my daughters would love this

  13. Fab giveaway AND loving your wall paper, super stylish x

  14. Don't own any straighteners as my daughter pinched mine

  15. Don't own any straighteners as my daughter pinched mine


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