What could be better than a slumber party? A blogger slumber party of course. That's exactly what I did on Friday night. 

The event was held at The Collective; which is a co-living space with great concept and thinking behind it. It's located in Willsden Green which is a bit like no man's land in all honesty. The entire area is built up with industrial spaces and warehouses so it was nice to see a brand new and modernised looking living space available for people to rent now. 

I went along with Ella and we was treated to a jam-packed 1950's themed itinerary starting at 5pm but we didn't arrive until around 6pm because I had work. The event kick started with spa and massage treatments from Urban Massage and nail painting by Ruby Manicures which is what we sadly missed out on! 

Upon entering, we signed in and was given our room key as The Collective kindly put us up for the night. The foyer/reception area is beautiful decored and really does have a 1950s/1960s feel to it. 

We decided to head up to our room to get changed. We shared an apartment but we had separate bedrooms. The rooms are very basic but comfortable. If you're working in London, single or a student; the rooms are the perfect size. A very small airplane-style bathroom is included in each bedroom with a shower, sink and toilet. 

We was given goodie bags packed full of beauty goodies and a generous Selfridges voucher which I cannot wait to spend! 

The whole concept is all about easy living and co-living. Co-living is very different from normalised ways of living. It's about the community, coming together and sharing spaces and facilities to create a better lifestyle for everyone. There are different types of rooms you can get but most share a small and basic kitchen and dining area; with your own bedroom and on-suite bathroom. However, of course if you'd rather something for yourself, there are different options you can go for depending on the budget you have for renting. 

It was time to head downstairs to meet the PR's and the other bloggers who were invited. There was about 12 of us in total which was a nice number as it wasn't too overwhelming. They were halfway through a cocktail masterclass with two mixologists from The Vault cocktail bar based in Soho.

The cocktails were all gin based and this one they made for me was delicious! Gin is never a drink I ever order so it was nice to try something out of my norm!

We were then treated to dinner at The Collective restaurant, which we were ALL so excited about because we were all starving! Everyone mostly had amazing looking burgers and chips but I went for chicken skewers with couscous and minted yoghurt; with lots of prosecco. The utter dream. The food was very satisfying and to a high quality and we were all left feeling very stuffed.

Me and Ella then went back to our rooms to freshen up ready for the next treat. We were kindly gifted some pyjamas from Brooks Brothers so we both decided to get changed into them right away. They were comfortable, light and airy... and 'crunchy' as I kept describing them. The perfect pyjamas for having freshly shaven legs! 

After changing, we headed down to floor 5 to the cinema room. We was given popcorn, sweets and yet more prosecco. Grease was the chosen film of the night and it just gave me and Ella unrealistic expectations of men. However, we definitely had a few giggles... more so at Ella dropping her popcorn everywhere as we walked in!

After the film, there was more drinks at the canal-side but me and Ella decided to call it a night and have a good gossip and catch up in our crunchy PJs in bed.  

We was treated to breakfast the morning which I sadly didn't photograph because my camera was packed away in my suitcase and I was also too hungry that the thought didn't cross my mind! Ooops. However, I had avocado and bacon on toast with a glass of fresh OJ and it was simply delightful. 

Thank you so much to The Collective and the PR company for having me and for putting on such a great night. I had so much fun! :) 

Disclaimer: All opinions, words and photographs are my own. 


  1. I was following your snaps all night! Looked like fun!x

  2. It was lovely to meet you! Such a fun event. Your photos are gorgeous! x

  3. I love the idea of a blogger slumber party; if only we had something like this in Wales!

  4. This looks amazing! I love the decor!
    -Hope x

  5. A blogger slumber party sounds like so much fun. Grease is the perfect slumber party movie x

  6. What a wonderful event to be invited too. I would love to go to something like this.it sounds lots of fun.

  7. This literally sounds amazing, massages, cocktail making, new PJ's - awesome! x

  8. This sounds incredible; what a fantastic opportunity and a great concept, I wonder if it will be something they eventually roll out across the country! Xx

  9. What a wonderful event to go to, a blogger slumber party sounds incredibly fun. Love that you watched Grease as that is possibly the best film to watch at a slumber party.

  10. Sounds like it was a fab event. Love the interior of the place.

  11. Sounds like an amazing time! I actually used to live very near to Willesden Green, had no idea this place even existed though!

  12. A blogger slumber party sounds like so much fun! And Grease is probably the best slumber party movie x

  13. Sounds like you had a great time, amazing photos too xx

  14. Wow what a fantastic blogger event. I love how you were given pyjamas too! Just brilliant. I think it would be lovely to spend an evening getting to know new bloggers

  15. Wow this looks like such a fab time, what a fab way to get to know other bloggers!
    L x


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