Ever since I started high school, I have always been a writer. I used to write a lot of poems and short stories in my spare time all on scrap bits of paper and in notebooks. Even though we was handed down an old computer from my school; I always much preferred to plan my writing out using pen and paper and then hand write every thing too.

I am the same even now! I currently have 5 notebooks on the go and they all have different jobs. There's the notebook that records all of my invoices, payments and outgoing receipts. Then there's the actual blog planner which let's me organise my schedule months in advance. The third is a notebook that allows me to jot down blog post or video ideas whilst on the go. The forth is a notebook I use to jot down my to-do lists for each day and I also use this to plan out posts from beginning to end using bullet points. The final fifth book is my diary which I use to organise my actual week in terms of meetings, events and blog related things like restaurant reviews.

Of course, there is always the option of chucking away the majority of these notebooks and using the apps in my smart phone such as Notes and Calendar. However, there's something I have always found quite satisfying using a biro to paper. It feels good to plan everything out traditionally rather than typing it out using a QWERTY keyboard. What's more; it's one of the best feelings being able to either tick off or cross out things you have successfully completed that day or during the week.

However, this is all true and good but there are downsides of the way I prefer to work. Lots of paper is used which means I am participating in the cut down of trees. When I think about this, I feel absolutely awful which is why I have started to challenge myself a lot more by starting to document my notes and schedule digitally.

IDBS are a company who are passionate about creating a paperless work environment. They are urging all office workers and people like me to ditch the paper and notebooks and help us to collate all of our data and research on one platform.

As this infographic by IDBS suggests; the pen evolved from the traditional quill. Once the biro was invented, people were then starting to use type writers. Before we knew it, they were so last year and the computer was invented. Offices have been using computers for years now and since the introduction of the internet and thus emails; there is not much need for pens anymore. There are now tablets and smart phones as well as laptops which means typing up your work or sending a message from one city to the next can be done within seconds.

Has this killed the traditional way of communication when we used to send letters instead of emails? Will notebooks completely disappear before we know it? Nobody knows...

I personally do love a good notebook and pen but I also do store a lot of notes in my phone and have especially been trying to practice this as part of the campaign. I've purposely not taken my travel notebook with me so I can type up little notes into my smart phone but I do transcribe these into my notebook when I am home just incase I should ever lose my smartphone.

For my way of work and the job that I have; using notebooks is essential but I am now completely open to using digitalised ways of jotting down notes, ideas and projects if it means keeping up with the digital age and saving trees in the long run. We all have to do our bit to save the planet and by adjusting my ways of working; I am helping trees to carry on growing and breathing.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with IDBS. All words and opinions are my own. Infographic provided. Any other images are stock images from Pixabay.

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  1. I'm the same--I much prefer a pen and paper approach to writing (though I do love the convenience of certain apps when I'm out and about and unable to grab for my utensils in time). I think it's good to combine both, but going electronically completely? Definitely not in my future (PS: Love that you have so many notebooks that serve different purposes!).


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