Anyone who knows me in person will already know that I am a very spiritual person. I’ve never spoken about my beliefs and personal experiences on this blog before and maybe that is something I will address further down the line.

For now though, to celebrate the release of the new Ghostbusters film which features an all-female cast (gal-power!); I thought it would be fun to look at some of the scariest and most haunted places in Britain put forward by The study was developed by looking into the stories behind places that are haunted by female spirits. The study revealed that the South East has the most traumatised souls in the country. Spooky…

Shall we find out where the most haunted places are in Britain? Just make sure you have a light on and you'll be fine. 


There are a number of terrifying tales that come from the South East. The most scariest of them all is that of The Screaming Lady of Hampton Court Palace who is most famously known as Catharine Howard. 

We all know that Hampton Court Palace is where King Henry VIII lived and died. Catherine Howard was wife number 5 and she was only 16 or 17 when she married VIII in 1540. In just over a year of being married, Catharine was stripped of her title as Queen and beheaded three months later for apparently committing adultery whilst married.

Catharine’s piercing screams can be heard echoing within the gallery at Hampton Court Palace so I would keep your eyes peeled and watch your back. You never know what’s around the corner..

Hampton Court Palace is located in Richmond, Surrey and tickets can be bought on the gate for £21 or pre-booked online for £19.80


There are many places that are haunted in London but some are a must-go-to more than others. Budding ghostbusters will not be left disappointed if visiting The Tower of London. Anne Boleyn, 2nd wife of Henry VIII, haunts the grounds of The Tower of London so you may come across her headless spirit. If you head over to the Queen’s House, you may even come across Miss Arabella Stuart who was a prisoner in the tower and died from refusing to eat in September 1615. 

If you have more money than sense and ever book a night to stay at The Savoy Hotel, be careful when entering and exiting the lift. The lift is claimed to be manned by the spirit of a little girl; but no one knows who she is.    

A tour of The Tower of London costs £23 on the gate or pre-booked tickets can be purchased online for £21.30.  A night in The Savoy Hotel costs between £381 and £671.


If you’re looking to catch mischievous ghosts in the act then you might want to check out The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. One spirit in particular can sometimes be seen looking at your belongings during the early hours so don't leave your handbag next to your bed! Then there’s another who’s obsessed with stroking guests’ hair. Even that would be more than enough for me!

One night at The Adelphi Hotel costs between £41 and £82. 


If you’re an empathetic person, then learning the stories behind roaming sprits will sometimes capture your heart and bring a tear to your eye; or just completely break you down. 

One of the saddest tales to date is that of Constance de Beverly who was a nun at Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire. Out of her control and wildest dreams, she fell in love with a knight called Marmion and so subsequently broke the sacred vows she made to her religious order. Her punishment was being cruelly locked up alive in a dungeon and she was never seen alive again. Her spirit has often been spotted on the stairwells of Whitby Abbey, cowering and begging for freedom and forgiveness. 

Visit Whitby Abbey for £7.90.


Devon is always a good idea in the Summer, so a must-see is that of Berry Pomeroy Castle. However, please note that it is not for the faint hearted as it is roamed by at least two tormented souls. 

Margaret Pomeroy was imprisoned by her sister and starved to death over jealousy of her beauty. She has been known as The White Lady who died ever since and has been seen in several parts of the castle wandering along the corridors. 

Another one is The Blue Lady who is believed to be the daughter of one of the Norman castle lords. Her father raped and impregnated her and she was then made to suffer even more by being forced to watch her father strangle her baby to death after birth. It is known that her spirit purposely lures visitors and budding ghost hunters into different parts of the castle to make sure they get lost from their group. STAY TOGETHER, FOLK!

A single visit to Berry Pomeroy Castle costs £6.20.

Attraction prices collected June 2016. Average hotel prices as recorded on TripAdvisor.

Ghostbusters is now available to watch at the cinema.

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