We are looking at re-decorating our living room soon because it needs a little bit of a refresh and the furniture is all starting to look a little ancient and in need of throwing out and replacing. Thankfully, Elsie is also now starting to settle down a lot more; so we have less worries about buying new furniture.

I was having a little look around at home interior websites and started putting together ideas for living room interiors. I haven't yet made any plans to move out any time soon but once I do; I can't wait to get started!

BoConcept are a furniture shop who design and manufacture all their products in Denmark. They have many UK city and global offices and have been running for 60 years so I had high hopes of their designers having an excellent knowledge of what looks great in homes right now... and I was right! I have put together my idea living room below.

I love minimalism and simple colour palettes; such as black, grey and white with added splashes of colour which is what this look is all about. It looks clean, tidy but also fresh and full of life.

Here's the look I have created.

1. I like mixing colours and textures which is why I had a little browse of their designer sofas. I absolutely love the Istra sofa. It comes in over 100 different fabrics and leathers and can be customised with less or extra seats and different leg designs. It has added headrests for extra comfort and separate cushions which are great when it comes to cleaning. 

2. Turquoise and grey are two of my favourite colour choices. Even though the sofa has a matching armchair, I much prefer the added spot of colour with the Osaka armchair. Again, all of their armchairs can be customised to your exact tastes and requirements. There's an optional choice of also adding swivel functions or maybe you would just prefer a fixed base like me. Why not get a matching foot stool too?

3. I can imagine a coffee table in my house containing everything and anything on it BUT coffee itself. However, sticking to the clean and fresh theme; I really love this Chiva coffee table which can be customised to different sizes, colours, top table finishes and legs. I really love the white against the other two colours and really love the way the metal legs are diagonally situated. Really modern and well thought out!

4. I couldn't resist adding in a foot stool; especially when I saw the Bermuda foot stool matches the arm chair perfectly! We currently have an over used one which the whole family use so it wouldn't be a wasted, unused bit of furniture in the house! The turquoise has adds of purple running through it so is perfect if you fancy adding purple cushions to the sofa and armchair! The possibilities are endless!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with BoConcept. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. I love the mix of turquoise and grey, I already have a grey chair but may look at getting a turquoise couch - thanks for sharing x

    1. Ah, lovely! I wish this was my real living room :) Glad you liked the post Stephanie!


  2. OOOOH fab choices Ashleigh! I'm a big fan of grey and turquoise too - in fact my room are those colours and the same, when I plan to move out...the rest of my new abode will probably be those colours :D That turquoise chair is gorgeous. Love Bo Concept for always being so fresh and modern, yet homely.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

    1. Great minds think alike, Leigh ;-) So cool that your room has the same colour theme!!

      Ashleigh x

  3. Love the colours, I really want a lovely bright home when I eventually move out!

    Hayley-Eszti |


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