I literally took hardly any photos in Zante; simply because I didn't feel like I wanted to. There's a difference when you're away with either your partner or friend and being away with family. I didn't want to keep waving the camera in people's faces so there's not many photos but what I have are cherished memories indeed :-)

Kalamaki beach or turtle beach boasted clear waters with little fish that nibbled your toes. My family are big snorkelers so were very happy they had spent a couple of afternoons swimming in the depths of the ocean with turtles of every size.

We was given free cocktails by restaurants pretty much every night. It turns out, I'm not really a fan of sex on the beach. Cosmopolitans however...

I was very lucky to receive some lovely swimwear before I went out to Greece. The bikini set in particular that really caught my eye on the website and lived up to its expectations in person is this little beauty below.

The brand is called Seafolly and is available from Coco Bay. Seafolly have a range of swimwear for bustier women which I was SO happy to read about! It's SO frustrating not being able to buy the prettiest bikini tops in shops due to them stocking smaller sizes. 

They also mix and match which is a wonderful idea because they have already established that not all women are the same sizes on top and bottom. I picked out the Goddess Bandeau Bra* which is suitable for D-DD cups. It has pleating to the cups, an underwire to keep you 'up' and removable booster pads too. It's incredibly comfortable and was my most worn bikini this time round!

I chose the Goddess Roll Top Pants* to match which can be rolled down to fit like normal bottoms; or rolled up to give you a high waisted fit. These were perfect for me because I'm not that confident in the stomach area so these gave me much more confidence to walk around the pool and hotel complex in just a bikini!


We were super protected from the sun with factors 30 and 50 suncreams from Ladival*. I usually burn when in the sun on holiday; no matter how much suncream I slap on. However, I only burnt a tiny bit on my chest throughout all of my summer travels so far. I'll definitely be buying my suncream from Ladival next time!

I also made sure to take some time out for myself. Despite being on holiday, I found myself checking my emails every day but I guess I just felt bad neglecting my blog. So, I took myself down to the beach for a few hours with a bottle of suncream, water and my book. Would you believe I've read 3 books in 3 weeks?! Crazy.

We have all had such a lovely and relaxing holiday and we are already in talks of booking up again for next year. I would love to visit some other Greek islands so if you have any recommendations of quiet places to go; do leave them below :) 

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned are my travel sponsors this year. However, all words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


  1. Looks like so much fun! Deffo need to get myself some sun...



    1. You definitely should Mary. Everyone needs a holiday :)

      Ashleigh x

  2. I've never been to Zante before but it looks like you had amazing weather.

  3. Wicked! Zante is meant to be amazing. Can't wait to get back to Greece there's so many islands and it's always boiling

  4. I am so jealous. I need a holiday so bad. Just a nice relaxed carefree few days in the sunshine with cocktails obvs.


  5. Sounds like you had a perfect holiday! Very jealous :)

  6. I went to Zante last year and I've missed it ever since I returned home! 3 weeks on the island must have been brilliant! Cute bikini as well!
    Beth xx

  7. It looks beautiful, I'd love to go to Zante! I love your bikini in the last photo ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  8. I love Zante. Looks like you had a great time. Beautiful photos :)

  9. I have never been to any of the Greek islands - this one looks stunning. I always fancied Santorini. Lovely photos. Kaz x

  10. How amazing does that look. I've not been to Zante before but looks amazing

  11. I have to admit that I hated Zante when I went there, but your photographs are gorgeous and making me think I need to give it another try.

  12. OMG! I have always wanted to Kalamaki and after reading this, it's a must - love turtles! Sounds like you had a blissful time, but know what you mean about the guilt of neglecting the blog and emails, etc. But it is so important to switch off, which I'm glad you did. LOVING your bikini and the fact that the bottoms can go high to low and back again- so clevere!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  13. Anonymous16/7/16

    wow! three books in three weeks? Not really bad!
    Holiday is more enjoyable with right outfit and skin protection. Perfect choice of place to relax!

  14. With current heat wave here in UK I really need to stock up on some more sun care products.


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