Elsie is six and a half months old now and is still hyperactive, mischievous and a huge princess! In most cases, Elsie is never home alone however sometimes she can be alone for around 4 hours a day before someone arrives home again. So, when Ruffle Snuffle got in touch to ask if Elsie would be interested in reviewing one of their pet play mats; Elsie was super excited and woof'd YES!

The Ruffle Snuffle mat is a play mat designed specifically for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pig and horses. Created by animal behaviourist, Sarah White, each Ruffle Snuffle is individually hand made by her and her team of animal lovers. 

So, what does it do?

The Ruffle Snuffle is essentially a play mat that has several layers of different coloured felt strips. At the base is a matt with holes in which are designed to hide treats or biscuits in which your pet has to hunt out!

The mat is a great for dogs and puppies especially who get bored easily. This is why it was the perfect product for Elsie to try out because she gets bored very easily... so much so, she has bit a hole through a hole in our house, chewed the kitchen cupboards etc. However, that's a story for another day!

We hid some of her doggy treats inside the mat and put it to the test. Being a labrador retriever, it's in Elsie's ability to be able to sniff out food within seconds... and demolish it too! She found all of the treats within seconds but I should imagine if you have a younger puppy or a smaller dog then the 'game' will last a lot longer.

The Ruffle Snuffle retails at £29.50 and comes in a whole range of different colours. Obviously, Elsie wanted the pink Belle Ruffle Snuffle* but there's many more colours to choose from. 

I would say the Ruffle Snuffle is a great concept for young puppies, smaller dogs and cats. I should imagine a horse would love it too but sadly I'll never own a pet horse!

Disclaimer: The Ruffle Snuffle was sent to Elsie for reviewing purposes. However, all words, opinions and photographs remain my own.


  1. It looks like Elsie enjoyed herself!

  2. Awww Elsie looks so cute and she really looks like she's enjoying that Ruffle Snuffle mat!

  3. cuuuuute!

  4. Your dog is just too adorable!! This is such s good idea I bet puppies would love it!

  5. What a cute idea, I think my labrador will get the treats in seconds too, but for less 'eat everything'-type of dogs they must be perfect. Oh and I totally get what you said about bored dogs, my dog Senna once ate half the carpet out of our living room, in just two hours.

    Kelly Knows It | A life and style blog

  6. What an excellent toy! Love the colours too, very girly! I think if I got my Husky one of these it would last no more than 5 mins, destructive is his middle name! When he was a puppy he chewed walls, flooring, handbags, shoes, oh and my camera! Elsie is gorgeous by the way!

  7. I honestly only clicked on this post to look at the super cute pictures of Elsie! The play mat sounds like a really lovely product, I guess it will work better for some animals than others. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

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