Being Ashleigh has had a lick of paint and I'm so excited to show it all off to you. 

Firstly, let's talk about the blog design queen who kindly designed my blog for me. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Kotryna Bass. A blogger, web designer and entrepreneur, I have known her for quite some time now. I have purchased a few of her designs over the years but this one is definitely my new found favourite! 

Here she is.. the web design QUEEN! Make sure to check out her blog too as it's absolutely fabulous and one of my most regular reads! 

I was looking at getting a new blog design soon because I want my blog to have more of a professional website feel. Being Ashleigh is always developing so looking from a business side of things, I hope re-branding slightly benefits not only me but you as a reader. 

Changes are still being made but the basics are in place. Let's take a look around and see what's new, shall we?

Firstly, I have a full width header image which I absolutely love. I've been testing lots of different images to use but at the moment have settled with a summer bikini snap from my holiday in Corfu last year - my blog post on that is making me want to lay in the sun at the beach again! I will eventually replace this once I get some new branding/marketing images shot which is hopefully soon! 

Once you scroll down, you will be welcomed with three feature boxes that link to my about me page, my instagram and my work with me page. I guess these are the three areas that I really want to push. However, if I do get back into shooting fashion photography, then this will be a superb place for me to link to my photography website.

We then move on to the posting area. My posting width is now GIGANTIC which means larger images. I hope this is something that you love as much as me?  I may or may not keep the 'read more' feature but may just not use it and keep a maximum of 2 blog posts on the same page every time. 

At the bottom is my Instagram grid which if clicked through opens up the selected image larger in Instagram itself. 

I am so very grateful for this lick of paint and cannot wait to create better content now! I feel more motivated than ever. Kotryna is kindly offering all Being Ashleigh readers 10% off her blog designs (custom OR pre made) with code 'shopkbd' so take full advantage whilst you can! - Shop all her Blogger and Wordpress pre-made templates or request a custom design over on her website Happy blogging! 

A x

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  1. What a lovely post, Ashleigh! It was a please working with you again!

    Kotryna Bass Blog + Design


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