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February is the month known mainly for two occasions; Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day, and since Shrove Tuesday is now out of the way we’re now on the final countdown to Saint Valentine’s.
Yep, it’s fast approaching the day where we celebrate all things love and whether you love it or loathe it, it does feel good to spread a little love and goodwill around.  
Don’t forget that Valentine’s isn’t just about spending time with your partner; so grab your crush, gal pals or family and treat them to one of these date night ideas. Plus, you don’t need to bin these dates once the big day is over as these dates will see you through February 14th and beyond.  

* Go Back to Your Youth *

Remember when love was all so easy? You got married pretty much every day in the playground, played kiss chase and the cinema was about as wild as dates got? Why not take it back to that time. No you don’t need to find your nearest playground, grab your mates and have a fake marriage, but why not take inspiration from your younger days and plan a date to match.
Visit an arcade, go to the cinema, play a game of bowling, snack on pick and mix or visit your favourite childhood haunt. You could also play some old board games, but remember it’s just a game if things get competitive! 

Making a Feast

The way to someone’s heart? Through their stomach, kind of. Whipping up a culinary delight for your favourite person is guaranteed to make them swoon. The best thing about this date is that it can be tailored to suit your kitchen skills if you’re no Gordon Ramsey.
You could go for the classic romantic meal for two with a three course meal, complete with candles and music or you could make an indoor picnic to keep things casual. Set up a blanket in front of the TV, grab a boxset or Netflix, and indulge in your favourite picnic foods, think mini burgers, crisps and some homemade dips – yummy! 

* The Date to Remember *

There’s times when you need to go all out and put on a date that hands down beats all other dates…ever. And what better time to put on a WOW date than Valentine’s Day? This is the big budget date and the one which you’ll both remember for years to come. 
London is a pretty magical city, so why not book a romantic restaurant, then enjoy some cocktails and a little magic with Oliver B at the W Hotel in Leicester Square, just remember to book a fancy hotel to avoid a long journey home! 

* Surprise! *

We all love surprises and surprising your loved one will win you some serious extra brownie points. Surprises don’t need to be extravagant and more often than not it’s the little things that make a surprise so special. 
Why not take it in turns to plan a surprise date for one another as often or as little as you wish. You could cook each other’s favourite indulgent meal every other week for cheat day, watch a film of their choice or pick them up a new book or pampering treat. 

* The Cheap Date *

The best things in life are often free and dates don’t need to cost the world. Luckily, in the UK there are a whole host of activities you can do that won’t break the bank or sometimes cost you a thing. 
We live in a country with an amazing countryside so pop on your wellies, get outside and breathe in that invigorating fresh air. There are lots of heritage and National Trust sites you can visit, or alternatively look out for deals at your local restaurant or cinema to have a date on the cheap. 

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration ready for Valentine’s weekend and beyond to help you keep the spark alive. 
{Guest Post.}

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