(I deeply apologise if you read this whilst hungry, maybe waiting for your own dinner to cook or even in the long awaiting transition between lunch and dinner time.)

I've featured a couple of Mexican food posts on my blog over the years so it's to no surprise that there was going to be another around here one day. This time, it's with one of my favourite food brands that I have worked with a few times... Old El Paso.

Old El Paso are a food brand well known for their mouth watering ingredients that can see you cooking up a spicy (or not so spicy - which ever you prefer!) storm in the kitchen. I have been using their box kits and spice flavour packets for years and they never fail to please my taste buds... and every one else's in my household.

The great thing about cooking is that there's never any rules. You can add what ever you like to something and make it work for you.

Now, in relation to rules in food; the tacos aren't just crunchy. Did you know there are now flour based tacos that Old El Paso came out with a little while ago? I have named this recipe 'Mexican Boats' because that's what they remind me of. Little flour boats filled with yummy goodness.

Time to cook the chicken, add the sauce, cut the peppers and mix it all together.

They also have a few of their own sauces which are great to accompany your boats, nachos or tortilla wraps. I tend to make nachos pretty much every week (me and my sister are obsessed - the more toppings the better) so this jar of salsa comes in handy to keep in the fridge for each time we make them. However, this time round, I added a dollop of salsa on top of each boat.

Avocado-anything are my favourite things ever so obviously I am a huge guacamole fan. It was just pot luck finding it in a squeeze tube. Again, brilliant idea as I can keep it in the fridge for use after use... although you do have to use them within a couple of weeks to keep their freshness.

We found the sour cream quite hard to squeeze out of the tube as it's not runny and it more like a mayonnaise consistency. However, it is really nice as expected.

Making boats is super easy. Just heat up the tacos in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, add the cooked chicken mixture, add your toppings and then lots of cheese on top for an extra bit of Mexican naughtiness! We even found we had some tortilla chips at home to accompany the boats.

Perfect if you ask me.

What's your favourite Mexican dish? Are you a tortilla wrap person or do you prefer crunchy tacos?

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: Old El Paso kindly sent me these products in consideration for review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


  1. I love the kits from Old El Paso, they are so tasty. The fajita and tacos kits I have used quite a few times but haven't tried these sand up kits. I like crunchy tacos but would like to try these. Really fancy it for tea tonight now!

    1. I haven't had crunchy tacos too many times but I may have to give them a go soon as they sound delicious! I love Old El Paso kits!

  2. I haven't used an Old El Paso kit before but as I'm sat here with a rumbling tummy about to go on lunch I think I might need to have a Mexican themed night x

  3. Oh wow, I had these recently and they were so yummy! I love Old El Paso kits, if I could I'd probably have a different mexican dinner every day of the week :')

    1. Really scrumptious aren't they! Mexican is definitely my favourite so hi-5 me girl!!


  4. These look AMAZING! Old El Paso kits are so great for making Mexican food easy :)


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