Watches are one of my favourite things to splurge on after a good payday. I have a couple of more luxury designer watches in my collection but there's definitely room for one more! 

I have been lusting over many items over on the Xupes which is a website stocking designer and luxury items that are discounted up to 70% off the RRP price. 

So, it got me thinking...

If I had unlimited money, what would be the first watch I purchased? As hard as it would to narrow it down and pick my top four watches amongst the 7000 products Xupes have to offer, my choices are perfect and all individually different in their own little way.

Products featured: Rolex Datejust 178271, Chanel J12 H2566, Cartier Must de Cartier 2996, Jaegar-LeColtre Vintage Cal.886 20007

Xupes have so many brands to offer including big designer names such as Cartier and Rolex. The great thing that Xupes offers which I haven't seen anywhere else is that you can get a Rolex on finance. It's no secret that Rolex watches are incredibly expensive (but beautiful) but you can own one quite easily thanks to Xupes. Most are pre-owned but are fully inspected by the in-house watchmakers  to make sure the watches are in top-notch re-sellable condition. Let's not forget that the price on a Rolex increases over time so whilst £6,000 for a watch seems like a lot of money... it could be worth 60,000 in a few decades time. It's always worth investing in a Rolex as opposed to other luxury watches!

My favourite Rolex for her has to be the Rolex Datejust 178271 model. It features an 18k stainless steel and rose gold face (typical blogger pick!), pink diamond markers on the face and crystal glass to finish everything off. Ah, perfection!

If Rolex doesn't tickle your fancy, there's plenty of other designer watches for him AND her available. There are also handbags and jewellery - could it get any better ladies?!

** Disclaimer: In collaboration with Xupes.com. All words/opinions are my own.


  1. I literally love all of these watches - now I just need the thousands of pounds to by them all - but seriously watch lust right here

    Laura x

  2. I only recently started wearing watches. Loving these, so chic!
    Dora www.bangsbang.com

  3. I rolex is my dream, that rose gold face is fab!

  4. I had never heard of this website but it sounds awesome and those watches are to die for! don't we all wish that we could just get whatever pretty stuff we want lol.

  5. I think a watch is definitely a good thing to spend a lot of money on. Between the hardware of the strap to the "tech", an expensive watch is usually worth it!
    xx, Pia



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