That's it. I'm officially old. Time to go zimmer-frame shopping. I turned 23 last weekend (if you didn't guess already with the Blink title reference). So, let's have a chat about how it's been being a week old 23 year old.

In all honesty, I feel absolutely the same. 

The one thing I really despise about my birthday being the 3rd day of every year is that it's gone before I know it. Everyone in my life has a birthday much later in the year but bang, before I know it, mine's over and done with without even being half way through January but hey-ho... that's something I'm never going to be able to change so I should really quit moaning, right?

It was a quiet but lovely (and quick!) birthday though! I went out for a boogie or three with my sister and friend and a few days later had a family meal at a steakhouse which saw me ordering my first ever restaurant steak!

I'm sorry blogging has been a bit slow this week. I have a new addition in my family with four legs so I'm exhausted and distracted but more on that soon...

Don't forget to enter my giveaway though! It ends 25th January and I'm so excited to give away a pair of Ray-bans to someone! Good luck! x


  1. Happy birthday!!! I hope you loved the steak (steak is SO good). Can't wait to hear about your furry (I think?) friend!
    xx, Pia

  2. Your birthday may not be in the ideal place but at least you have flawless skin! Happy Birthday for the 3rd! xxxxx

  3. Congratulations! The 'Law of Love and Attraction' knows no ages! It holds true throughout our lives!


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