Coloured contact lenses are something I have never tried before despite being a prescription contact lens wearer. My eyes are green and I genuinely don't mind my eye colour so I have never felt the need to try and change this. However, there's a first time for everything so I decided to try out some blue contact lenses* from Coloured Lenses UK.

These blue lenses* are priced at £11.99 for a pair which last for around a month. However, you do need to buy contact lens solution and a case separately if you wish to wear them more than once. 

I found the packaging to the lenses was incredibly difficult to open. This could be seen as a positive though. The lenses themselves are 14.5mm in diameter which is a little smaller than my prescription lenses so they were uncomfortable to begin with. However, after moving them around a few times they soon became a lot more comfortable to wear. 

These blue lenses have 3 tones which make them look a lot more natural but noticeable when being worn. 

I think £11.99 is an okay price for a pair of lenses that can be worn over and over again for a month (or longer, depending on how much you wear them!). They have a wide range of different coloured lenses to choose from and there's also free delivery on orders over £20!

It's a shame that I can't wear these on a day to day basis without glasses as I need a prescription in them so I am looking forward to when coloured prescription lenses are introduced by Coloured Lenses UK.

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  1. Anonymous23/12/15

    These lenses look great! Thanks for sharing Ashleigh : )

  2. i love that first photo of you! shame they don't do prescription since i wear glasses/contacts too. a lot of them do look really unnatural but i wouldn't know that wasn't your eye color if you hadn't said so :)

  3. The colour really suits you! You look very pretty in the first photo.



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