Sensu Fastbraces Treatments


We all have imperfections in one way or another but most of us just live with them. If there was anything I could easily change then it would be my teeth. Truthfully, I haven't been to the dentist in years partly because I'm lazy and partly because it's terrifying!

Between the ages of 9 and 13, I had a filling done and 4 teeth removed due to overcrowding. I was told I needed braces but being the stubborn girl that I am; I refused to have them. I already wasn't confident with my appearance so made the decision to go through life without straightening my teeth.  Worst mistake ever.

Sensu are a dental clinic based in London and offer invisible braces treatments. This means that you don't have to be a spotty teenager with braces with the aim to straighten your teeth. 

Fastbraces is a brand new treatment which allows anyone with imperfect teeth to have the smile they have always dreamed of. They work by moving the root and crown sections of the teeth as soon as the treatment begins. It usually only takes a year for teeth to straighten out as the process is sped up compared to 2 years with fixed metal braces because the crown is adjusted first and then the root.

They are made from a see through component so are completely invisible allowing all ages to wear them with confidence. The treatment is completely painless which makes it even more appealing as I know so many people have complained how much pain that conventional braces give! 

Fastbraces is something I was unaware about but now something that completely appeals to me.There is now a service available to ensure all of us feel a million dollars in the one area that faces the world every day. 

Read more about Fastbraces treatments. This break through technology is definitely something to smile about!
Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with dental company Sensu but all words are my own.


  1. Wow they sound amazing, my son had his braces on for almost 3 years, I know he would have liked it to been over a lot quicker!

  2. I refused braces when I was younger too and I really wish I'd had them! I know it's hard having braces when you're a teenager but really it's such a short amount of time and it's so worth it to have nice teeth! My little sister is 14 and has just got braces and I can tell she hates them but I'm so happy for her because she'll realise it's the right decision when she's older. Wish I could afford to fix mine now!


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