Brainwavz S0 Earphones


I don't know about you but depending on what music I listen to has serious results on how much work I get done. I have certain types of music for different thing. If I am photo editing, I prefer listening to something with a bit more of a beat so I'll stick on some house/dance music on my wifi speakers or even a cheesy 90's playlist.  If I'm writing I prefer songs that are slower with a calmer acoustic vibe so I can concentrate on the content I am trying to produce. 

Brainwavz S0 Earphones*

Technology never really bothers me until I get something new and realise I've been missing out on being a cool kid for a very long time. For the last couple of weeks I have been trialling some new ear phones from Brainwavz. I've been using earphones for years but I find they aren't very good in terms of blocking out background noise; especially on the underground! Londoner problems!

Brainwavz have a whole range of different ear and head phones. When I was offered to review a pair, I just couldn't say no. Before this, I had been using a really cheap pair that didn't justify any kind of music I listened to. Therefore, I would often go without listening to music on the go and suffer on long bus trips!

The Brainwavz S0 earphones* are a classic design with sleek metal ear pieces especially designed to benefit any genre of music that you listen to. I was rather intrigued to say the least and so was my boyfriend who whipped them out of their box and gave them a go first!

Firstly, they are packed neatly into their box with a little carry case which I am SO thankful for. There is nothing more annoying than pulling your earphones out of your bag to find them all tangled! The actual cord is flat too which prevents tangling. There are many different ear tips that you can add. The silicon ones are great because they have different sizes. Josh found them quite easy to fit into his ears but I found they kept falling out of mine because my ears are smaller! This was when we discovered the foam tips which add more of a texture to the tips so they stay in your ears. They are also especially designed to enhance the bass in music. 

So, how do they perform sound-wise? 

I tried them out with different genres of music. I started with acoustic and found they performed well and balanced out the audio between both left and right. I tried them with and without the foam tips and much prefer them with them but it's great you can switch them up depending on your musical requirements.  I then tried out louder options such as house and rock and again; I found they performed well. They don't however, block out ALL background noise such as music in the car but they perform well overall for an ear phone product and I'm not disappointed in them. 

The Brainwavz S0 earphones retail for £39.50 on Amazon which is a great price for a good quality earphone. 


  1. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones for ages, and I might just have to give these a go now.

  2. They seem great but a lil pricey for me!



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