Lauren's Way Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse


I'm back from a little week's break and it's been lovely! The weather has been overall quite nice this month so I have been doing a few photoshoots here and there to make the most of amazing lighting. 

Today I have another fake tan review. I was a fake tan virgin up until a few months ago as I was always so scared of looking orange. I have reviewed a few on my blog this year but they are all very different. Today's one is the Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse* by Lauren's Way by TOWIE's Lauren Goodger. 

Lauren's Way has made a shade available for everyone which is a great if you are new to tanning and don't quite know where to start. The medium range is perfect for first time tanners or people like me with fair skin. There is also a dark range and a darker than dark range.

My sister was super excited about the product as she likes to look bronzed and ready for summer most of the time so we decided to try it out on her. The product itself is a mousse so is very much like thick chocolate looking whipped cream. No tanning mitt was provided but you can buy these extra. Luckily, I have a few at home so just used one of these and also a rubber glove underneath to prevent brown hand stains! 

The mousse didn't have a typical fake tan smell as it has an orange and grapefruit extract in the ingredients to keep you smelling fresh! It was easy to apply and blended in well with no patchiness. It also dried really quickly within a few minutes and had no staining when it comes to bed sheets and pyjamas. Always a plus!

Below is a little shoot I did with my sister to show off the tan. We took these the day after the application so you can clearly see the tan stayed in place overnight and during a shower in the morning and still looks flawless. The tan lasted about a week before it would have needed topping up which is about average I find with all tans. 

I would definitely consider buying tans from Lauren's Way in the future as the colour payoff was excellent and I liked the fact it's not like your typical fake tan in terms of the smell and usual stain problems. 

The medium range starts from £11.95 but the bronzing mousse is £17.95 which I think is a good price for a good quality tan which you can rely on to look good, smell good and perform well.


  1. Its good that you like and the price is ok to might need to go a buy some, As I look a little bit like a ghost at the moment

    1. Haha nothing wrong with looking like a ghost but sometimes it's nice to look a little bronzed! :)

      Ashleigh x

  2. I'm mixed-race and always find it hard to find self-tan, I like to have a glow all year round not just after a holiday so I'll have to check out her dark range


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