7 Regrets & 7 Solutions


Everyone (my mother) says that you shouldn't have regrets in life because every choice you make is made because it felt right at the time. I totally agree but there are a few regretful choices I have made throughout my life so far, but I have thought of solutions so I don't make the same mistake again.

Let's have a look at them...

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1) Not trying hard enough at University...
I have a post in the works on my Uni experience but I chose the wrong course at the wrong Uni which is a regret in itself but I wish I had used my experience to its advantage by attending and learning more.
Solution: Use my Photography degree to my advantage and carry on working hard as a fashion photographer.

2) Giving in and texting someone who's ignoring you...
I'm a girl. An over thinker. A what-if'er. There are many of times I've wondered why someone hasn't text me and I end up giving in and reaching out to them.
Solution: Delete bad people's numbers straight away and try to slow down on giving out my number to new people so quick.

3) Buying 'hand-wash' only clothes...
10 times out of 10, I never look at wash labels. Then I get home after a long day shopping and get moaned at by my mum for buying a hand wash only dress. Then I end up moaning when the dress is still sitting at the bottom of the washing basket two weeks after wearing it last!
Solution: Spend less money on high street clothing and start thrifting more at car boot sales and charity shops.

4) Casual hook-ups...
I'm not shy or ashamed or embarrassed to admit I have made many mistakes in meeting people and ending up hooking up. When I meet a guy, I know within the first hour whether or not they are genuinely interested in me or are just taking me out for the aim to get a golden ticket into my knickers. Last year, it got to the point where I thought to myself if guys can use me like that, then I can use guys like that... and that's what I did. You don't have to worry about feelings or them judging your body (usually). It's not a bad thing at all. Emotionless sex. It (was) great.
Solution: To only meet a new guy who genuinely seems interested in getting to know me for me and not for a hookup. I am a good girl and know my worth.

5) Not saving money...
Probably one of the biggest regrets we all have, right? I blew my student loans on too many clothes I ended up wearing once and too much food.
Solution: Save more money for rainy days. Invest in bigger and better things rather than materialistic one-use things.

6) Begging someone to stay in your life...
Whether it's an old friend or an ex-boyfriend; I am so guilty of this. The thought of never seeing or speaking to someone again that you are so used to being in contact with is a horrible thought. So, out come the 'please don't do this' or 'i promise, things will change' lines. NO! NEED TO STOP!
Solution: Let that someone walk away. I am worth more than having to beg someone who doesn't want to stay; to stay.

7) Letting friends go...
I am guilty of preferring to stay in and write blog posts or catch up on netflix tv shows rather than go out and socialise with people. Half the time I am so happy when plans with people get cancelled which sounds SO bad but I just much prefer my own company and my own surroundings. I have lost friends for various reasons over the years but the biggest reason is probably because I work so hard.
Solution: Make the effort to see new and future friends. Go to blog events. Network with people. Take lots of photographs. Make plans for lunch with that friend and remember to text that other friend back the same day rather than a week later.

So, there's my 7 regrets which can easily be made again but fortunately they have solutions to them. What's your number one regret and do you have a solution? Have a think and let me know below! :)


  1. Anonymous9/4/15

    Really like this ...and I can completely relate to the last two. I always worried about 'breaking up' with friends, because I didn't know who I'd have left... but if people don't understand you/can't reciprocate your gestures, and put an effort into the friendship, there's no point trying to change them, the reality is - they're not worth your time.

  2. This is an absolutely fantastic post and each one applies to me too. I can't believe you had the guts to write it though because I wouldn't. Hats off to you and keep writing awesome things

    Ashleigh-Jayne xxx

    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  3. I could really do with learning from this. I am SO guilty of 2, 6 & 7 right now and it's all a bit rubbish. You are very right to point out your own value with regards to other people and that is something I need to work on in myself!

    Thank you for this post Ashleigh :)

    Natasha | www.ofthesaints.uk

  4. I agree with number 7 - meeting new people allows you to find your true worth; can't wait to meet you tomorrow!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Some really moving relatable regrets. You're doing everything right :) the regrets themselves become unregretable because of the lessons you've learnt from them. Well done for being reflecting upon your weaknesses and growing as a person! I have written in big bold letters on my bedroom whiteboard "When you look back on your life, you won't regret the things you've done, you'll regret the things you haven't done", and I try never to forget that.

    Growing Positive

  6. Such a great post, so relatable. Only recently found your blog, such a lovely design with fab content!



  7. I think my biggest regret is the same as you number 7. While I'm guilty of not giving my friends the attention they deserve, I do think that it's a two way street and, if you're not careful, you could be rushing into your regret #6 even though a friendship has run it's course. Does that make sense??

    Chrissy x

  8. I am the same with the friends thing too. Most likely, I don't give them the attention they deserve. Although, I think in a lot of cases, I do. I guess like you said, there are some friendships which just run their course. I have been hurt a lot in the past though and feel that sheltering myself is the way to do forward.



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