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Sunday-gram #1

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March 1st already! Where is this year going?!
Who remembers ages ago when I used to religiously report every Sunday my week in photos? Infact, every blogger used to and I appeared to have stopped doing it but I thought I would bring it back as I did really enjoy looking at my week snapped on Instagram. So, here I welcome Sunday-gram #1!

001: Me and Joe went to Camden last weekend which was lovely but cold; but that didn't stop us sitting outside to have Chinese for dinner 

002: I finally purchased some culottes after being so undecided on them for ages. I'm still convinced that they look more like 3/4 length trousers on me due to not having long legs but I will have to work with them! These ones in particular are from New Look.

003: I have been craving avocado on toast for absolute weeks but only got round to buying an avocado on a mini food shop this week. Hello best breakfast ever, ever, ever.

004: This is Albert. I have a post about him coming soon as he's just too adorable not to feature. Unfortunately, he isn't exactly our cat but this is how he fell asleep on Friday and I couldn't stop laughing!


  1. I visited Camden on my Valentine's weekend too, we were gutted that we'd already eaten lunch, the food looks and smells amazing! xo

    1. Ah you'll have to re-visit soon and eat your bellies full! Hope you had a lovely Valentines :) x

  2. Hey, I nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award at


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