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So, let's talk hair. My hair cannot function without a hair oil due to the bleaching upkeep I have to do to keep it blonde.  I LOVE being blonde and I don't want to go back dark any time soon so I don't mind having to look after my hair that little bit more. Saying that, if I find products that work well for me, it's not as much effort as it sounds.

Argan Dew are a hair brand company based in Israel. A rare oil called Argan is extracted from the Argan tree that can only be found in Southern Morocco. The oil is known for having healing properties which is why Argan oil is now so popular in hair products. It works wonders!

I received two samples each of both the oil and the replenishing hair mask which was good because not having full sized products meant having a few samples I could give a fair review.

The hair mask is a thick cream which you leave on wet hair for five minutes; although I know some people prefer to apply masks on dry hair but I haven't ever tried this. I was pleasantly surprised to see that after washing it out my hair was tangle free and easy to brush through. It also seemed to make blow drying a whole load easier!

I also used the oil which I find I could get two uses out of one sachet due to my hair now being shorter. The one thing I LOVE about this oil is that it's not super thin and therefore doesn't run and become a mess. It is quite a thick oil which sinks into the hair straight away. An immediate shine is visible too which is something I was so surprised about considering I am blonde.

Both products have a really lovely smell; almost like cocoa butter. I have since then used my other remaining samples, in-between washing my hair, with no other oil products. Once again the oil sank into my hair straight away and made it a dream to blow dry and straighten. I would 100% would (and will!) purchase the full size products as I feel I now need them in my life.

Even better, I have a 20% discount code for all of my readers! :) Just head on over to the website by clicking here and enter the code argandew to receive 20% off your purchase.


  1. Argan oil is such a saviour! Even thought I'm dark now, my hair still has the live with the bleach and leaving conditioner on over night is a must!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

    1. I am yet to try this mask over night but will do soon cos i'm rather intrigued haha! Any other ones you recommend??


  2. looks like a great product! by teh way your pictures are really well done

    I am following you now. :)

  3. Anonymous28/3/15

    i love argan in my hair, feels so good x

  4. yay, i'm a big fan of argan oil. fell in love with it once traveling in Morocco! truly the best for hair and skin! tho haven't heard about this mask, yet! i did simply put some argan oil, or mixed it with egg yolk, tho this one looks great!
    tho i wonder how much percent is pure argan oil in this mask? is it kinda organic? :)

    Vaida @


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