Soooooo, after a stressful two years, my Photography degree course is now coming to an end. I am a week away from graduating which is a scary but an exciting thought! My end of year work is my project called BOYS. I have worked so hard on it and it's a series of work I am proud of. If you're interested in seeing the series so far, you can view it on my website here. I do however, intend to carry on shooting it so there will be a lot more to come!

I am excited to announce that I will be showing BOYS at my exhibition next week and I would love to invite you all down. The private viewing is on Monday 19th May 2014, 6-10pm so you can pop along any time during those hours to view mine and my colleagues' work. There is some fab work being shown so if you're a lover of photography, art and graphic design then I guarantee you'll really enjoy the work on offer. There is also wine and beer for everyone ;)

I am also excited to tell you that I have had my BOYS series printed into newspapers which I am selling for just £4 a copy including shipping prices. I have only had 100 printed available so these are limited edition and no others will be printed. If you're interested in buying a copy then I have them available to pre-order on my website and they will be sent out next week! SHOP HERE!

Many thanks if you do and for supporting me and my fashion work! :) *hugs*

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