Carried Away


Jacket: H&M | Jumper: H&M | Denim Shorts: She Inside* | Necklace: Primark | Shoes: Vans

I won't lie. These shorts are short; hence the tights. I think they're okay for holidaying but I'm not actually going on a summer holiday this year! They are from She Inside* which I got in a size L (size UK 12) for reference. Chinese sizes come up so tiny!

The jumper is something I was so undecided about but I have worn it so much since I got it! Cropped jumpers are just so easy to thrown on with high waisted bottoms. Minimal effort. I actually went into my local H&M and found a £20 note on the floor (finders keepers) so treated myself to a few bits including this jumper! I haven't stopped wearing the jacket either. I LOVE it. I do eventually want to get a thicker one but this one is great for the weather at the moment and it was only twenty quid! Barganious! Did I just invent a word?

Today's been chilled. Just done post office errands and caught up with some emails! I actually didn't realise how much I relied on public transport getting me to places so I couldn't do much today because of the tube strike. Not that I'm complaining, mind. I realised I have exactly two weeks today till my final Uni deadline and it has really knocked me. I am literally the world's biggest time waster so now it's really all about YOLO* and partying. Joking. I intend on keeping a low profile and getting on and finishing everything for the next fourteen days and then I can relax and jet off to New York City. No joke.. I am actually going!

*I did not just say YOLO seriously.
Song of the day:
Carried Away - Passion Pit

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  1. Not just Chinese sizes. On Stradivarius I always have to buy a pair of paints 2 sizes bigger than my real number. I once picked up a sweater that was supposed to be M but it looked like S. I love your jacket btw :)

  2. LOVE Passion Pit's latest album. the perfect warm weather, chillin with friends album.
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. I really like all your outfit!


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