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We Wear Pink On Sunday's

Dress: Miss Luxe* | Shoes: New Look

This may possibly be the first pink item of clothing I own! I am partial to a pink lip as much as I am red but I just never think to wear pink clothes. Just me? However, I spotted this one by Miss Luxe and loved it a lot! Skater dresses are the easiest things to wear simply because they can be dressed up and down. I paired this one with my majorly high heels (for me!) from New Look which I bought for my birthday. I love the clash of bright colours and it makes a change from wearing black heels.

I'm having a girl's night out next weekend so I think this will be the outfit I wear. I'm just going to have to remember not to bend over!
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  1. So gorge and summery! Loving the clash of colours with the pink and blue, gorgeous! x

  2. Cute dress! :)

  3. Very cool pics and super cool outfit too
    Good job!


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