Five Guys


I finally got round to popping in "that burger place" in Covent Garden for lunch with my friend Conon during LFW. I've read so many blog posts on the new burger craze and everyone's always saying how it's really lovely if you can appreciate a good greasy burger!

I was absolutely starving but my eyes often get the better of me when it comes to ordering food as I have a small appetite! We both ordered the small burger and fries which was more than enough for me! The burger itself was cooked just right and went down a treat. You can choose any toppings you like; pickles, mayo, cheese, relish to name a few but I am simple so just went for mayo! The chips were the most yummiest chips ever. Cooked in peanut oil, they were on the fine line borderlines of 'soft potato meets crunch'. Oh my mouth is just watering typing this. I need to re-visit!

I think the best thing about Five Guys is the fact when you order a drink they give you a cup and you go do it yourself (same as Subway). When I got to the drinks machine, not only was it touch screen (amazing) but they offered Dr Pepper! Score!

All in all, my first visit to Five Guys was great. The atmosphere is very busy though so expect to queue for a while and it may be a challenge looking for a free table, but at the same time, it's totally worth it.

Have you been to Five Guys yet?
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  1. Gosh you can't beat Five Guys for a greasy burger fix! I literally got all the toppings, fries and then spent a good half hour having five drinks from that amazing 100+ drinks machine hahah! x

  2. yummy! I'll have to go here when i'm next in London! x

  3. Anonymous4/3/14

    Ah i need to go to five guys! A trip is very overdue
    Lucia's Loves

  4. I thought that the drinks machine was the best thing ever. Peach Sprite, enough said.

  5. I loved Five Guys! I want to go again but it cost £8 for a small cheeseburger and a drink!


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