Top: ASOS | Trousers: Urban Outfitters | Boots: ASOS | Jacket: Primark | Bag: Zara

Changing career paths as of today and becoming a chef! Or maybe I suit a doctor what with my doctor's bag?

I love these trousers a LOT. I don't think I've felt this way about a pair of trousers since I splurged on my very first pair of American Apparel disco pants. They were around the £50 mark which is a little steep but you know what it's like when you fall in love with something. I just couldn't leave them behind.. and then student discount tempted me even more...

The bag was another cheeky purchase recently. I've been umm'ing and ahh'ing over whether to return the infamous city bag from Zara. I almost bought it once before but stopped myself just before the cashier called me over. At £60 it's not exactly a Primark price! Then me and my Mum found ourselves in Zara a couple of weeks ago which resulted in her treating herself to a new bag... and then I saw this beauty just sitting there, glowing in all its beauty. Love at first sight all over again and before I knew it, my little legs were walking over towards the tills and then I found myself walking out of the store with a giant Zara bag with my new pride and joy inside. However, today I pulled the tags off so whoops... looks like it's here to stay.

I returned to Uni today after a couple of weeks of not attending. A lack of creativity and motivation got the better of me and well... laziness and a fear of failure crept over me which has seen me waste five weeks. However, I now have a strong concept for my final major project (praise the lord, it's nearly over) so I am doing a lot of planning at the moment!

Any tips for keeping motivated?
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  1. I love these trousers so much, I know hoe you feel about the Zara bag, I feel I am denying myself haha! Beautigul look
    Anna x


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