Seascape Bath Foam & Peppermint Lip Balm


I'm working with the Jersey Tourist Board and the Jersey Travel Service to promote the island.&nbsp The beautiful isle of Jersey are some of the cleanest and well kept beaches, clearest waters and the mildest climate in the British Isles. Local produce means that herbs and minerals are selected from these natural sources and used in Seascape products

I am partial to a pamper night so I was in my element when it came to trying out the bath foam. Containing 100% natural oils from Jersey Lavender, it helps to soothe and relax. The added Ylang Ylang ingredient helps with tension too. On my first try of using the bath foam, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of bubbles that emerged before my eyes. It was lush and lasted for around six baths. So sad it's all finished now! 

The lip balm contains 100% natural oils from Peppermint with beeswax, honey and oil from Jojoba Seeds to moisturise dry lips. Something I was a little intrigued by! I have been using it every night before bed after my face is cleansed and lips are exfoliated. It's quite a weird texture. Much like a wax but with a very smooth and creamy consistency at the same time; leaving my lips feeling more kissable than ever.

If you are looking for some luxury bath and skin products, I really recommend the Seascape range. Although not the most cheapest of products, I think it's worth spending the extra pennies on products that leave you feeling and smelling like a pampered queen!

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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me in consideration to review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. great review, this sounds amazing. love your photos :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. love the packaging of these products, great post X

  3. I'm a new found bath lover and this stuff looks amazing! Like you say, it's not the cheapest of bath products but it sounds worth it! As for the lip balm, I don't think £10 is a bad price as I can spend up to £15 or more for a lip stick/gloss easily! So if i'm spending a tenner on something that's actually going to benefit my lips then that's pretty decent in my eyes.
    I'm really tempted to make a purchase, eek!
    Great post x


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