ASOS Kimono | ASOS smock dress* | Topshop Boots

Bit of a late post due to Photoshop on my new Mac not saving images properly and omg, such stress! I'm currently sitting here listening to dude playing guitar which is the most soothing thing to listen to when blogging *smiles*. I usually listen to Ben Howard when I am blogging as it's background noise but it's quiet at the same time so I can hear myself think!

Onto the outfit...

I'm not too sure why I haven't already featured this dress and kimono/cardigan on here before. I got them towards the end of last summer so you might be able to find them in the sale now, possibly! The kimono is one of my favourite pieces in the whole of my wardrobe. I'm like a magpie when it comes to anything crochet; same with fluffy, furry and glitter. It goes with 85% of my clothes aswell which is always a bonus!

Today I actually did something different with my hair! SHOCKER! I am literally the laziest girl when it comes to experimenting with my hair. Colour wise, yeah I can experiment and try new things. But styling? Nah! However, I watched Olivia's video tutorial on how to do milk maid braids the other day and holy moly, it takes around five minutes to do and is something different to my usual look.

I'm off to the cinema now with dude to see Devils Due which I'm super excited about. I'm a bit of a strange one in the fact I love horror films. Hopefully it's a good'un!

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  1. absolutely gorgeous! Bohemia at its finest!

  2. This looks great on you!

  3. Hey, I love your blog and so I've nominated you for The Liebster Award here:

    Nisha xox

  4. thank you for the comment ashleigh! your words be an awful lot but, i do hope you can look back at your time at uni in a good way! i really love your hair like this it's adorable!


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