Those days are gone


Charity Shop shirt | Vintage Levi Shorts | H&M cardigan | H&M hat | ASOS Academy Boots*

Just four more days till I'm off to Paris for five days and I'm trying not to wear the clothes I want to take with me. Upon doing this, I've found some old gems I seem to have neglected! I've featured this shirt before but I thought I would dig it out again. It cost me a mere £2 from a charity shop and is one of my all time favourite pieces.

I bought this cardigan a few months ago and instantly thought WITCH. I love it! It definitely adds that slight grunge/boho/witchcraft vibe to any outfit but as soon as I saw it, I just had to have it! I haven't been able to wear my levi shorts in so long as I've dropped a dress size since buying them yonks ago. I bought a belt from Primark in a size small which was still too big so you may have seen some tweets about DIY'ing another hole in the belt which I managed to do with some nail scissors! 

It's nearly the weekend and I have no plans yet, boo hoo. I guess this is a good enough reason to sit down and do some Uni work. But then procrastination kicks in and the thought of that is a laughable thought. I do need to start thinking about what clothes I'm taking with me to Paris. My Mum keeps telling me not to take LOADS but this is me....... I like to have a variation of choices! Fashion blogger problems!


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  1. Love love that hat with the outfit.


  2. Love this Ashleigh! The shirt and cardigan look perfect together, and I adore your boots, thinking of snapping something similar in the lace-up clunky kinda look (:

  3. Leave some room for that Nikon 85mm lens please....


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