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Finally, after over a month of not blogging properly, I am back and feeling happier about my blog! After losing my old domain and realising it probably happened around the right time, it was a choice of trying something new or giving up. Blogging is my biggest passion in life after doing it on different platforms since the tender age of just 15. I feel like my blog changed a lot and went a tad down hill since the beginning of the year. I set myself so many goals like trying to do regular outfit posts which just didn't go to plan but then again I have achieved a few things this year. I managed to reach over half a million page views and have attended some events. 

I decided to look around for someone to design my blog due to not really having it in my heart anymore to design it myself let alone the time or patience which would have meant I would have stopped blogging completely. Can I get a thumbs down and a BOO!? I came across Grace who has a little design shop. After seeing Michelle's new design, I placed an order straight away and have waited just over a month for my design. Super duper gr8! I am so happy with it and I cannot thank Grace enough!
I have a brand new illustration by the lovely Ashley Craggs. I am so unbelievably happy with it and I love how everything around me is associated with me in one way or another. Ashley was so easy to work with and she understood what I wanted straight away not to mention she's super speedy at coming up with drafts and the final outcome itself. What do you think of it?

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