beef and vegetable noodles


Andrew had an urge to cook a stir fry from scratch so we decided to get together in the kitchen once again and create a beef and vegetable noodle recipe. We are thinking of posting at least one recipe a week from now on. What do you think? Check out our other cooking posts here.

You will need:
- strips of steak beef
- bean sprouts
- 1 lime
- soy sauce (both for the noodles and to marinate the beef)
- bit of salt
- baby corn
- 2 peppers
- bunch of chive onions
- 2 garlic cloves
- sugar snap peas
- 2/3 red hot chilli peppers
- ginger

beef + vegetable noodles:

1) Start by washing, slicing/chopping all of your veg. We decided on strips of peppers and sliced each baby corn once or twice length wise so they would cook quicker. You could pre-boil them, but we was too impatient!

2) As I was in charge of veg, Andrew began to cook the meat. He added a bit of salt (a few shakes of the tub if that helps). He used a bit of stir fry oil (vegetable or peanut oil will do), marinated it in soy sauce and cooked it till it was all brown and not too delicious looking. Mmm. He also added some ginger, two crushed cloves of ginger and the chopped chilli peppers. With the seeds removed. Otherwise my sister would have moaned. And I probably wouldn't have eaten it either.

3) Once the meat is cooked, put it into a separate bowl and get ready on cooking the veg. Chuck it all into the wok and put on a medium heat. It's down to personal preference really whether you like super soft vegetables or near enough not cooked. I like mine just in the middle so we cooked this for 10-12 minutes.

4) Add the noodles! Add lots more soya sauce and some salt! Add the bean sprouts too. Mix it all together to form a stir fry!

And serve!

I really liked it! It had "just the right amount of heat". That's a quote from daddy dougherty who had some too and he loves his hot food. You can always ditch the chilli peppers if you don't like hot food. Remember the little seeds inside chilli peppers are what makes the pepper hot so we removed these!

What would you like to see us cook next? Give us some ideas below! We are going to choose one :-)

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. My favourite dish from wagamama is Amai Udon which is peanutty noodles with loads of other bits thrown in. I tried making some myself, its so lovely!

  2. Healthy, tasty food :)

  3. They look amazing... will be trying for sure!


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