april's birchbox


 Birchbox* - £10 + p&p

This is the second beauty box I have ever had. When Glossybox first came to the beauty community, I did subscribe and from that I discovered the amazing HD Brows palette which I've almost finished using! However, I felt all in all I was paying £12 for something that I wasn't necessarily that keen on. I realised I  would only end up using one or two samples out of the possible 5/6. So I unsubscribed. When the opportunity came up to review April's Birchbox, I was a little undecided. I know a lot of people feel the same way about Glossybox now and there's also the Feel Unique box in competition. However, when I read that the former people behind the Jolie Box had got together to create Birchbox; I was a little intrigued.

The one thing I noticed about the Birchbox is the packaging. The brown cardboard style box really caught my eye as it's simple yet chic at the same time; with the hot pink accent. It also came with a bow around it but I didn't photo that, boo! You also get a little mini magazine with it which I really like the design of. It's easy to read. Not too much writing but not just a magazine full of photos.

The smell of the soap is so lovely. It has lavender inside it and is wrapped in a gorgeous vintage style wrapper. The lipstick/pencil reminds me of the chubby sticks on the market. I was surprised to see the shade is something I would wear and it's quite glittery! I got a little sample of Weleda's skin food at a blog event which I am still yet to use but apparently Victoria Beckham highly rates it so I am rather excited to try it! I've not tried anything as of yet but if I really like something, I'll be sure to let you know :-)

All in all with the delivery, packaging and the quality of the products I think I would actually subscribe to Birchbox. It seems a little more up my street compared to any other beauty box!

What do you think of monthly beauty boxes?

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. I really wanna try the other cleanser! I got a different one to you... Did a post on my blog if you're at all interested.


  2. It looks great! Its packaging is just amazing, I agree. Will definitely consider to subscribe...

    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. Lovely isn't it! I really recommend it :-)
      -ashllyd xo

  3. I'm swapping over from Glossy Box, so thans so much for this post sweetness! Looks like you gets looks of great goodies in the Birch box!


    1. Hello Jade. You get so much more for your money. I'm just in love with the packaging (nerd) :) Hope you are well and happy anniversary for you and your boy! I saw your post. So happy for you both :)
      -ashllyd xo

  4. Anonymous27/4/13

    this definitely looks a lot better than glossybox, i think i might try it out for a month :) What nail polish are you wearing? Love your blog xx


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