these boots are made for walking


necklace - river island
top - asos
belt - urban outfitters
skirt - topshop
(cosy) tights - primark
boots - asos*

Shoe porn alert!!! How beautiful are they? Well, they're certainly a bit ~out there~ but I'm head over heels. I can't wait to pair them with high waisted levi shorts Summer; maybe even at Isle of Wight Festival for example! I originally bought the crop top to go with disco pants but I actually prefer pairing it with skirts, cheating slightly by making them appear high waisted but there's no rules when it comes to fashion, right? ;)

Today I went to my friend Jack's house to take some photographs of him. We have been friends for a good six years now! For my documentary project in Uni, I've decided to focus it on Jack; hence the project title 'JACK COLE'. I will share my work soon! I am being so lazy when it comes to editing at the moment. Any photographer will know it takes absolutely ages so I'm kinda leaving them in a folder for the 'magic editing fairy' to do. Anyone know where she is?
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XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. Ah I LOVE your new boots - they are beauties! xxx

  2. Gorgeous outfit, those boots are pretty amazing xx

  3. perfect outfit! love everything about it, your style is amazing <3

  4. Ohhh wow those boots are seriously perfect! I love the top with that skirt and I want that necklace!


  5. Ashleigh you look so lovely.
    Stay as you are!

  6. Anonymous14/3/13

    Such a cute outfit! I love your rings and the boots are fab!

    Emma x

  7. Really cute boots!

  8. Lovely outfit! I have that skirt and the belt (the cross verison, it looks so nice with the crop top!

  9. Love your boots! The stud detailing are so perfect!

  10. cute outfit girl! love those boots! xx

    The Provocative Couture

  11. Such a BABE! I adore your blog sweetness. And those boots are HOT!




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