monday's must-haves



one: It's hard to find midi dresses that don't completely drown me which is why I think this extra long vest is a fab alternative for us shorter ladies! My whole wardrobe is a mix of black, grey, white and red  but I definitely need this!

two: I have been lusting after boyfriend jeans for way over a year now but just haven't found a pair that fit me right. They're either not baggy enough or not short enough in the leg. These look lovely though and are currently only fifteen pounds in the sale! I also didn't realise New Look stock so many stylish maternity jeans for all you mamas out there!

three: If I was a dress, this would be me. It also matches my bedroom wallpaper!

four: I have a bit of a basic skirts addiction. I just can't get enough of them! However, I don't own a beige one and this looks lovely. I love how it can be styled as high-waisted too!

five: I saw these shoes in red a few months ago but much prefer the nude. I own one pair of heels (shocking, I know) but only have one pair of "going out shoes" which are actually black flatform wedges; so I need a new addition! I'm all about comfort!

six: I really want a bag for the summer that isn't black and this is just about the right size too.

What are you lusting over at the moment?

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. I absolutely love those cute wedges! I can't resist anything with a bow on. xo

  2. The bag is so pretty! Xx

  3. in love with basically everything here!
    lovely post...
    Jane x

  4. The skirt is perfect! :)

  5. Can I please just have 3, 4, 5 and 6. There'll all so cute!

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  6. Anonymous25/3/13

    Love, love, love the floral dress!

    Emma x

  7. I love black and dusty pink together!

    The Young Bridget Jones


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