boyfriend meets the cousins!


 Me and Andrew took my two little cousins out during the February half term. It's the first time my cousins have met Andrew and they loved him! He was just like another one of the kids; monkeying around, giggling uncontrollably at the glorious "you smell like poo" jokes from my littlest cousin and craving doughnuts and ice-cream.

We spent most of the afternoon at Adventure Island (or Peter Pan's when I was little!) and it was actually snowing! Some of the rides were closed, however we didn't have to queue for anything, so the kids really enjoyed themselves. I'm not a theme park person so I stood and watched for some of the bigger rides. Yes, an eleven and seven year put their twenty year old cousin to shame but never mind. I did go on some!

The rest of the day was followed by a light lunch and a trip to some of the arcades. Being a Londoner, I had forgotten how addictive 2p slot machines are! We also had sea-side doughnuts which no other doughnut can ever beat, yum! And finally, we stopped off at Pizza Hut for some dinner before I returned the kids home and took myself home to peace and quiet! The last photo was taken by the waiter in Pizza Hut who was talking to me for a while about photography!

I have also started a Youtube channel. Believe it or not, I actually made videos on Youtube before I had a blog but then hated every video and deleted that channel! It would mean the world if you could pop on over to my channel and subscribe. I will be uploading little snippets of my life and maybe the odd talky video or two!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. aw so cute! Gotta love Southend, I remember calling it Peter Pan's when I was little too, still call it that anyway.

    Going to subscribe to your youtube lovely xx

  2. Seems like you had fun! Love your new header and background! And I of course just subscribed! xo

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! Really cute video too, I subbed :)


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