harry potter studio tour: part two


*Read part one here*

009: Dumbledore's Office
It was just how I expected. Packed solid with books and little treasures everywhere!

010: Potions Class

The stick in the caldron moved round and round, and lit up red!

011: Hagrid's Hut
I was sooo excited to see Hagrid's hut. It's one of my favourite sets in all of the films. Hagrid is one of my favourite characters, just because he's so innocently large and clumsy. Just a big, friendly giant!

They even had a pretend version of Fang!

012: Little Objects

It was so surreal seeing the Philosopher's stone!

013: Green Screens
Technically was told we wasn't allowed to use cameras in the green screens, but c'mon... you gotta be daring sometimes, ay? ;)

After the green screen section, there was a small room you could walk in (optional) where we saw people queuing. All I saw infront of me was a giant queuing system and excited faces putting on Hogwarts robes and climbing aboard onto a broom in front of a green screen. You can imagine how excited any potter-manic person would get. I was SO excited and had to have a go! Firstly, me Andrew and my Sister had a go being digitally edited into the old anglia car which was so funny! When it came to the broom fun, there was around 8 booths you could choose from. I'm the only one who had a go (boo hoo Andrew, Louise, mum and dad!!!). I was handed a Hufflepuff robe and was given instructions to hold the broom with my left hand then switch hands. I had to look into a screen which saw me flying a broom fast through the streets of London and then up over the millennium bridge!

I have actual copies of these but no scanner, so I've had to iPhone a pic of the pictures, darn it! The anglia one makes me smile every time :)

014: Quidditch

015: Umbridge's Office (boo!)

016: The Ministry
I was surprised to learn that the Ministry only had a wall of green tiles (not pictured) and a fireplace (below) in one corner, and not a whole room. It's amazing what the the film team do to make something seem real!

Sweets, Treats + Special Things
At this point, me and Andrew lost my parents and Sister, so we just wandered around by ourselves. Just before we headed outside, we saw a sign pointing to a "Graphic Design" section. If you have been following my blog for a while, you'll know I absolutely love everything to do with graphic design. I can be making cereal in the morning, stop and let everyone know how much I like the font on the box. Andrew has studied Graphic Design before aswell, so we were in our element!

018: Death Eaters (BOOOO!)

019: Butter-beer, Privet Drive, Potter's Cottage, Hogwarts Bridge & Wizard Chess!

This photo of Andrew makes me ever so happy. He looks so excited! ^_^

Butterbeer tasted just like cream soda, with a VERY sweet frothy top!

Final part coming tomorrow!
I hope you're enjoying reading about my day so far. I wish I could cram everything into one big post but that's just not possible! 

Have you been to the HP studio tour yet? Would you like to go? 

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. How exciting! It all looks AWESOME and I would love to go. xxx

  2. amazing photos!! every time i read these posts it just makes me even more excited to go :D

  3. I am having so much fun reading your HP tour posts, I am so jelly too! I really hope I can go one day :D

    Alex- http://velvet-tidesxo.blogspot.co.uk xox


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