Dear Santa...


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Two weeks till Christmas and I've only just put together my wishlist! I got a new laptop last year, have an iPhone, have a new tv, and have already splurged on a new camera with lenses a few months ago, so it was hard choosing a "main present". An iPad will come in handy for Uni but I'm not keen on the mini! - Everything else are materialistic bits and bobs. I sadly finished my posie tint and ruby woo lipstick a few months ago, so am in dire need of replacements. So, even if Santa doesn't bring me any of this stuff... I'll buy it all in the new year anyway!

P.s I STILL HAVEN'T BEEN TO THE HARRY POTTER TOUR. That was on last year's Christmas wishlist aswell, tut tut! I think I may go for my birthday which is nine days after the 25th!

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  1. Anonymous11/12/12

    Loving the Hello Kitty bed covers, they are just so cute! Shame it wouldn't go with my room :(

  2. Loving the leggings and the bag, might treat myself haha x

  3. Love those boots and that phone case is cute!

  4. I really love the boots! I hope you get everything you want :) x

  5. Anonymous11/12/12

    I have that cross print shirt, think i posted some pictures of it on IG. Everours is so lovely! The HK bed covers are so cute. :-)

    rachelpan xo

  6. I love the hello kitty duvet set! & I want to get a few MAC lipsticks, they're my fave (:

    L x

  7. That bag, what a find! Love the shirt too. Think I might have just found my NYE top! :) x


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