An extra special Christmas


Apologies for the picture heavy post, but a lot of you said on Twitter you don't mind lots of photos. I myself, love noseying on lifestyle posts so the more photos the better! I've had an absolutely lovely Christmas. I've definitely put on a couple of stone though! - and to top it all, it's my birthday in four days. Yiiiiiiikes!

Nan's Christmas dinner · Treats table · Presents for me · Grandad · Nanny · My main present from Andrew ♥ · & more from him! · HP Jelly Beans!!!!!!!!!! · Bokeh effect · Randomness with my little Cousin ♥
 Christmas is simply my favourite time of year. I love spending money on finding perfect presents for people, I love my Nan's roast potatoes and I love having an excuse for being lazy for two weeks. We've made this Christmas extra special for my Nan as she was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago which has come as a huge shock to us all. I'm extremely close to all my family. I love my Nan for everything she is going through and also for being the only person to not shed a tear out of all of us. My Grandad inspires me in many ways and personality wise, me and him are exactly the same. We're both independent, reserved and stubborn. We both love literature, cameras and food. He's my best friend. The little girl pictured above is my Cousin Ellie-Mae who is the highlight of my life if I'm honest. Nothing makes me smile more than spending time with her. She's the cutest!

On another happy note, it was mine and my boyfriend's first Christmas together. I think he liked all his presents (unless he was putting on that famous "oh i love it!" act). I got him a new coat, four jumpers, pj bottoms, boxers, socks, bed socks (cos he always nicks mine!), two cook books and an electric whisker (cos he cooks *smiley face*) and a woolly hat + gloves. He totally surprised me with a basket hamper of american candy goodies which I'm trying to refrain myself from eating/drinking all at once! I got the cutest teddy who I've named Ron cos the scarf he's wearing looks like a Gryffindor scarf, a yankee candle and some dvds; including two zombie ones which are my FAVOURITES.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Winter Wonderland (blog post) · Christmas Tree · Sky high presents · Christmas morning excitement · New Minnie Mouse onesie!· Gifts · Christmas Day outfit (dress is from Motel Rocks) · More gifts · My first Yankee Candle! · Nan's Christmas dinner · YAYYYY, finally! · Andrew's home made hot chocolate · All my treats from Andrew ♥ · Stocking up on my favourite perfume ♥ · Best breakfast · Curled my Mum's hair ♥ · Lush's Santa bath bomb (turned water from red to green, then exploded with red glitter!) · Glittery nails · Last family get-together outfit · More present exchanging · Me and my little Cousin · Family games (I won this and Family Fortunes *inserts invisible wink face here*) · Oreo cakes · Yummyyyy! ♥
I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas. I'm enjoying reading similar posts to this, watching Christmas vlogs on YouTube, reading what everyone's got and what people have eaten! I'm so weird! Please link me below if you have a similar post ^_^

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  1. that hamper looks amazzzziinng x

  2. These are lovely photos! Glad you had a nice Christmas, that hamper looks amazing! So thoughtful too! I've done a post on my Christmas,I'd love it if you could check it out! :) xx

  3. Loved reading this post! I am really sorry to hear about your Nan sweetie, I know what that news is like *big hugs* You look like you had a lovely Christmas though and got some lovely lovely things - I am super jealous of that hamper, you've got a gooden there! xx


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