what ashleigh did: 5th - 11th november


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001: Blogging late but I hate to be out of my Sunday schedule and as a new week begins as of tomorrow, I'm going to post this anyway!

002: I spent firework night with the boy in my life. I feel like it's time to maybe address who my indirect tweets are about i.e "with my boy", "can't wait to see my boy today" etc. His name is Andrew but that's all I'm saying for now! We've spent most of this week together and I swear I haven't stopped smiling/laughing. Yay. I'm a very happy girl :-) - The fireworks were actually pretty decent! So glad I wore a coat though as it was freezing and it was actually the first night of the year (I'm not including January, okay!) that I've dug out my gloves... frosty!

003: Finally managed to start shooting for my second assignment which I've not spoken about at all. I will in more detail soon but I'm shooting self-portraiture round my dad's house which is where I lived from about 7 till 10. 

004: Vince Kidd's EP 'Sick Love' has finally been released and I love it! (Well, i love him). I think he's an absoulute gem and if you haven't heard it where have you been? Go check it out now!

Any of you heading to Motel Rocks Christmas blogger's party? I will be there!

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