five coats i'm loving



I have a feeling this winter's going to be a cold one, so I'm looking around for a coat to buy. I'm guilty of wearing thin jackets that don't keep me warm at all, just to match a certain outfit. So, I've promised myself that I will invest in a real coat in time for the frosty months!

I love numbers one and five because of the (p)leather detailing. I really wanted the (p)leather sleeved khaki jacket that such places as primark, topshop and misguided sold, but everyone has it which put me off. Plus, I have so much khaki in my wardrobe it's a little ridiculous. I really love number four but think it will be a little too long for me. It looks absolutely gorgeous on Emma Watson though. I really love number two which is different to the rest and just screams out CHRISTMAS, but I think I may go for either number one, three or five.

Have you invested in a winter coat yet? 

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  1. Number five is amazing, really love it

  2. Coats two and five are my favourites!
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  3. i love number 3! i love anything with a collar basically aha, lovely picks thoughh :) xx

  4. I love number 3! I'm looking to buy a winter coat too. We're moving to New Hampshire in December and I'm lived in Hawaii my whole life. It'll be a huge change.

  5. where are they from?

  6. Oooo love them all spesh no 4 and 5! Argggg need more money (and a bigger wardrobe) X


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