ASHLLYD travels: Part 3/6


The first week was lazily spent around the hotel's pool (one of many, although we stayed at the one near our apartments as it never had more than three people in it at one time!). I think that's what I most enjoy about jetting off somewhere on holiday; you don't have to worry about anything, you can do what you like, be as lazy as you want and most importantly (fatty), eat what you like!

Unfortunately, I burnt my shoulders and lower back due to forty degree heat on the first full day at the pool side, so from that point onwards me until the sunburn healed I wore a t-shirt over my bikini's in the pool. I wore factor 50 (it was actually for "kids") suncream every. #palegirlproblems. 

I'm not one to sit on a sunbed from 9am till the evening at all. I took the opportunity though to really knuckle into my theory book and I am pleased to say I have read it all and feel confident to finally sit the exam. Just need to book it now! The headphones are by Urbanears. I bought them in the Urban Outfitters sale earlier this year for just £20 (they are usually £50-£60). Red is my favourite colour. They block out any outside noise and I go into a ~zone~ everytime I listen to music now!

Our favourite restaurant for lunch time drinks and a quick midday/late afternoon bite to eat was called Genies (which is opposite the banana trees infront of the Cynthiana Beach hotel if anyone is staying there!). The man who owned it had a Cypriot name so I can't remember what he was called but he was SO friendly and a really cute old man! He was always offering us more bread when we finished it and making sure we were satisfied to the maximum. Only downfall was they never had the 'blackcurrent cheesecake' that they promised on their menu!! Mine and Louise's favourite 'light meal' was the one pictured above ^. It was a pork and halloumi cheese pitta bread with home made crinkle cut fries and lots of salad, not forgetting mayo! (addict).

It was really strange seeing banana trees. I obviously knew bananas grow on trees but I've never really thought about what they look like, however they were EVERYWHERE in Cyprus... even in the busy harbour side of Pafos! The odd tree had tiny bananas growing but the cute old man told us they don't start growing properly until March so we have just missed them!

There was also LOADS of lizards everywhere! The biggest one is the one I photographed but little baby ones were the most popular. They even ran about inside the breakfast restaurant AND by the pool side! Cute though!

More tomorrow! I hope you're all enjoying this little series. There are far too many photographs to scramble all into just one post, so I thought it would be better to break it down into 'chapters'.
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  1. loving these series ashley :D looks like you had an amazing time♡

  2. Anonymous7/8/12

    You keep making me jealous with every post! Beautiful pictures, and it looks like you're having a wonderful time :)
    - Rhiannon

  3. The cyprus series are so getting me ready for my holiday now! eeee and I love your style of photography <3 especially the map photo xoxox

  4. I'm super nosey so I'm loving this little series! Good news about the theory - fingers crossed! That red dress is gorgeous btw xxx


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