Two weeks in photos: 2nd - 14th july 2012


Whale jokes part 1 · Whale jokes part 2 · First Dominos order (impressed) · Clubbing outfit  (shorts Topshop & shirt c/o Oasap) · Models own purchases · Chicken salad · Baby face! · New blog design July 2012 · Camo jacket (bought from a blog sale) · Planned outfit for the weekend (rain ruined everything) · New bag and shoes (both primark) · Rainy UK summer · Had my hair cut · Models own/hed kandi 'hedonist' · Date night · Saturday's journey planner · Wonka treats · More treats · Even more treats!
001: Another two weeks in photos post this Sunday as I didn't collect enough together for a post last week.

002: Re-designed my blog again. It's looking how I've wanted it to look from the very start. I'm so happy with it. Hopefully it's a lot easier to navigate around?! Do let me know below!

003: Visited the Cyber Candy shop in Covent Garden yesterday, which was a mission to find at first (come out of the station, turn right to where the street entertainers are, turn right at the indoor market place, keep walking till you get to the Tesco's express and it's on the right next door to the 'snog' shop). IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The oreo ~meets~ milka chocolate has kinda already been eaten and I wish I had bought loads of it. The grape fanta is a little weird, but a nice weird? I'm not keen on the pretzel m&m's though. I've never had a pretzel in my life so no idea why I picked them up, but I didn't realise they would be salty and sweet at the same time!?

004: I'm off to Cyprus on Wednesday (7am flight!) so I won't be around to reply to comments and emails until I get back to the UK on the 1st August. I hate the thought of abandoning my little blog for two weeks so I have scheduled a few blog posts which will be posted throughout the fortnight. I'm really excited more than ever! I couldn't go on the family holiday last year as I couldn't get the time off of work so I think I am the most excited out of everyone. Cannot wait to get back and blog all the photos.. possibly a week's worth of posts? I know I will have loads to show you!

005: My giveaway ends Tuesday! Enter here!
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  1. I love pretzel m&ms , I love that they are salty and sweet ha, but then I love flipz chocolate pretzels too! I love the new design. I am trying to get my sidebar as compact and neat but it's not really working haha. Have a lovely holiday x

  2. I love Cybercandy - haven't tried the pretzel M&Ms but the peanut ones are amazing! x

  3. Drooling over that genius Milka creation! That red dress is gorgeous :-)

  4. i love the whale jokes ha! i need to get my hands on those model owns polishes they're amazing! xx

  5. Love the new layout and the date night outfit! :)
    The cyber candy shop is amazing too! I tried my first pretzel last week and I'm already hooked! I'm definitely going to look out for the m&ms! xx

  6. Love those sandals!

  7. Love your new blog layout :) and LOVE the stripey shorts your wearing.

    Jo. xx

  8. Hahah oh my gosh. Potterwhale had me LOLing.

    Last day to WIN my Havaianas SHOE Competition!

  9. POTTER WHALE!!! Genius :)
    Just found your blog, and what a treat it is! Such a great layout by the way :)
    Also your pink and white shorts are super cute!

  10. Anonymous18/7/12

    I love your new layout! Looks so lovely, and the little bunting divider is adorable. I hope you have a nice time on holiday, so jealous!

    rachelpan xo

  11. I've been reading through your blog for the past half an hour now and decided it's about time I commented! I love the coral dress you bought for your date and also the flatforms are so cute and different from any others I've seen! I tried on the Topshop striped shorts in lilac the other day but couldn't squeeze my bum into a size 8 which was all that was left :( boo! xxx


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