Disco pants?!


 jumper: h&m
mickey t-shirt: h&m
~disco pants: ebay
shoes: topshop
jewellery: cross cage ring* (covet jewellery) + topshop evil eye ring

Second post of the day! Not something I usually do but this post has been requested quite a lot! Rushed home from college to take these so the quality's a bit crap (let's ignore the fact I'm a photography student okay?). I also forgot to shoot RAW! 

I have been lusting over the disco pants from american apparel for ages, just like every other man and his dog! However, the price tag puts me off! I'm always on ebay looking for dupes of things and came across some leggings that looked exactly the same as the real disco pants, except they were just under £7! They're actually from an ebay shop in Shanghai though. I've never ordered anything from overseas so I was a little anxious whether I would receive them or not. They arrived in exactly twenty working days as estimated.

I have instagram'd (username is ashllyd, follow me!) two pictures of them since receiving them yesterday and I absolutely LOVE them! If I was to compare them to the AA pair, then they don't have a button to do them up. They're just like a normal pair of leggings except the same material as AA disco pants! They only have one size, estimated UK 14. (I'm a size 12 for reference) Not gonna lie, I opened them and they looked far too small, however they magically adjusted! I would say they would fit sizes 8-14. They're unfortunately not high waisted but I can live with that. I wouldn't recommend them if you're taller than around 5ft6" though! I'm a measly 5ft4" and any taller they would be above my ankles. Not sure how other people prefer leggings but I like them to sit preferably below my ankle or sitting just on top! My sister's a few inches taller than me and they sit just above her ankle (yes she tried them on!).

What do you think of them? Will you be buying them? Let me know if you do!


  1. Anonymous1/2/12

    they look lovely ashleigh!
    & i love that this is the second post of the day! :) xx


  2. Ooh I was looking at these but I was a bit apprehensive as I once bought some leggings off ebay and they came from China and they were tiny. This was back when I was a size 6 as well and they were too small for me then! These look like they'd be good though :) They look fantastic on you. I love your jumper xx

  3. they look a spitting image on photos, good buy! x

  4. AA is so overpriced, so you found a bargin! x

  5. I love a cheapy deal :)
    The looks good! x

  6. N'aww, I was really hoping these would be the ones but I'm 5'9 so they'll never fit me :( They look great on you though! Great find & I love your jumper xx

  7. just ordered a pair ;) they look so good on you! x

  8. What a find! Thanks for linking the ebay shop - currently having a browse through it now!
    Also, I love your jewellery :) x

  9. They look really good! I'm 5'10 though so they'd probably be super short on me. How annoying! x

  10. They look great. I crumbled today and bought the ones from AA, bit scared that I won't suit them though! x


  11. oh that evil eye ring is gorgeous! x

  12. You might have persuaded me to get some.. so cheap compared to the AA disco pants, and look the same!

    The Deer Head


  13. To be I find the high waistedness of the AA disco pants slightly uncomfortable...so a legging version is almost preferable...look great on you :)

  14. Anonymous2/2/12

    They look nice, but with my chicken legs, i wouldnt wear it myself :)
    Love the jumper too :)

  15. Give me your legs!!! I have shoved mine to the back of my wardrobe till chubby thighs GO haaa xxx

  16. the AA ones are super expensive for what they are so it's good to find a copy! i don't think i could pull these off myself but they look great on you :) x


  17. wow these really do look so much like the AA ones! think i'm going to have to get these x

  18. We have the same eye-ring!!!
    It's so beautiful.
    Your t-shirt is so cute too, and the necklace is cool.


  19. Oh man, I want them! I've got a massive butt, I'm a size 12 too but maybe I'm a 14 looking at you, I'm much wider haha! I'm 5'8 too so these are a no-no!! :( Just looked at your latest post though AND WANT DISCO PANTS. Scared I'm too bumpyyy!


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