week in pictures #4


001: Quick outfit post in a h&m changing room, classy! I've been living in my faux leather trousers/leggings since I bought them from h&m about two months ago. I do get a lot of comments on them such as 'catwoman' in college but I love them and that's all that matters!

002: Bought this jumper from h&m this week for only £14.99. They have one in a creamy colour and silver and black I think. I got the blue/silver version. Check out photo number 9 for a cheeky changing room snap!

003: I bought some nails from New Look the other day. They're actually by elegant touch and are the classic french 'american bare' short nails. I didn't use the glue that comes with them but instead my ultra quick glue by Nailene and they're as secure as anything!

004: Popped to Oxford Street on Saturday for some Christmas shopping. Spent a whopping amount of money on my Mum's main present but I can't spill the beans as she sometimes reads my blog... hi mum if you're reading! ;-) It was absolutely packed but I had a successful day and only have to get a few more bits for my boyfriend, sister, nan & grandad!

005: Sorted myself out a new makeup storage system. I've been looking for acrylic storage boxes for ages but nowhere seems to stock them for a reasonable price (ebay sellers overprice them SO much!). A few people on twitter recommended me a shop called Muji. I popped into the one on Oxford Street (next door to McDonalds) and picked up two and simply just stacked one on top of the other! My make up is now so much more organised!

006: Mini chocolate fingers for lunch for just £1, yummy.

007: I walked into my staff room at work yesterday to find this limp Christmas tree that somebody had put together. I nearly laughed at how skinny it looks!

008: I had a staff meeting the other day (you may remember me blogging about arthur christmas the same day. I got out of the meeting at 11pm to see my mum and sister lounging on the two massaging chairs in the shopping centre... baring in mind it was late and nowhere was open for business but the cinema...I could not stop laughing!

009: See point 002 ;-)

010: Did I just spend £75 on allegra boots? Where the hell did I find them? Did I fork out over £100 on a pair from ebay? Nope, i simply just did some searching! I bought these knock off's for just...£23! and an extra £2 p&p! How brilliant do they look to the originals?! I really wanted the allegra boots from topshop but was put off as everybody had them and lots of people said they were uncomfortable. Now i have spent less than half the price, it won't be as bad if I never wear them! I bought them from this shop on ebay who do have 0% feedback but they have messaged me to tell me they're being sent out today, so fingers crossed! I was also going to buy them from this seller for £30.

011: My mum finally bought some coco pops! I never eat breakfast as I hate milk and coco pops is the only cereal I eat.


  1. ashllyd5/12/11

    I definitely will! They've been dispatched for definite today so once I get them I'll do a post on them :)
    - Ashleigh x

  2. Oh Ashleigh, everytime I step onto your blog (wait.. I mean click) I feel like I have to be so delicate, because it's always so TIDY and beautiful and perfect! Firstly, I LOVE your photo in the top right, where your lying down. (it's totally sexual) but you also look BLOODY GORGEOUS!
    Literally laughed so much at the Christmas tree! If I worked with you, I'd possibly take the blame.. because it's something Id do! Also now want to go and eat some chocolate fingers, and/or coco pops! Plus your jumper is lovely too, H&M jumpers are my favourite right about now!

  3. ashllyd5/12/11

    Aw eheheheh, happy I have a fan who happens to have a blog I love too!
    Ashleigh xx

  4. Gosh I desperately need to sort out my make-up storage, I have products all over the shop at the moment ;) Omnom Coco Pops, the food of my third year so far! xx

  5. ashllyd6/12/11

    The Muji ones are eally good and they have loads of options to choose from! Aw yeah, coco pops is sex in your mouth!
    Ashleigh xx

  6. Can't believe those shoes were so cheap! I have that jumper from H&M in silvery grey colour, love it! x

  7. Wow it seems you had an awesome well really...I like all the photos and that black shoes are really great...all the prices are fairly reasonable.. :)

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