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My current project is called 'Community in Art'. It literally has to focus around the borough where I live. It's split into two parts for two different teachers. Part A is planning the taking of the photos, test shots, research of the borough, observations and all that stuff. Part B is the graphics side. We have to use the images and our computer knowledge (good job I'm a whizz in Photoshop, aye?!) to product a final poster advertising an exhibition in February that everyone's invited to, to come and view the work.

To be honest, the whole project is a pile of piss and it's the most boring one I have and will ever have to do. Even though I adore Photoshop and everything you can do with it, I hate my graphics lessons and I think they're rather pointless. Just my opinion though!

Here's some photos I took the other day whilst feeling half inspired. I've had a few ideas for this project but the one I was actually going to do is too good to waste on such a stupid project, so I'm saving that for my FMP (final major project). More on that later!

I don't know if this is my final idea, I just need some opinions. The back of my house (kitchen, mum's room & bathroom) look out onto the gardens. At the end of all the gardens is a train line which the district line actually runs through! I had an "idea" of kinda 'spying' on my neighbours personal space through the view of a window which is my own personal space. You can tell some are clearly looked after more than others which I thought would be a good idea to explore too. I literally live around a thousand old people!

What do you think? I'm not after comments like "i like them, they're good" etc. I want proper criticism! Obviously don't be a nob and write mean things like I'm shit etc etc etc. This post isn't an excuse for negative comments from stupid people. I feel so stressed out at the moment hence the way I'm typing negatively. I don't know if that's coming across via a blog post but I'm literally the most unhappy person at the moment. I just want to curl up in a ball and ignore all of the deadlines and commitments I have in my life!


  1. My fave one is the second one down, if you're gonna do the dual space idea - where you 'spy' on your neightbours then it's good to have bits of your window in too, i think so anyway.

  2. Anonymous11/12/11

    these are amazing, ashleigh! i agree with hannah, but my favourite is the last one. i really like the shabby ones, and the railway is a bonus completely! also the lighting in that one is the nicest. well done! x

  3. I think it's a good concept and the colours are stunning. I agree that you should include some of your space in the photos as well to strengthen the concept however I think the slight parts of the windows in the first, second and fourth photographs is enough to suggest this and I personally wouldn't include any more of 'your' space than that. Because the third one doesn't have that element I'd say (although I quite like it) it's the weakest of the group.
    I'm sure there is an artist who did a series of photographs outside people's houses where you could see in but I believe it was more of a comment on surveillance/CCTV.
    Good luck with it! x

  4. Aw thank you Beth! :)
    Erin do you think so? I think I may go ahead with this as my final idea. Also do you know the name of that artist? I'm finding it difficult to find references to correspond with my own ideas! Thank you :)

  5. The colours of the photgraphs are beautiful I like how the convey a kinda this is england feel, retro without going down the whole sepia or instagram route! The ones that have your window in are a great idea why not further it and do some peeping through a fence...or is that just too far haha! xx

  6. Hi Ashleigh! I went for a weekend vacation the past week, with no wifi and I felt too lost to handle. Looking back, I had the opportunity to experience the physical community, it felt good. Looking at your snapshots. I feel as if I have been standing at the windows, because I was bored. Yet lo and behold, there comes the realization that there are things to rediscover and connect with. Your pictures gave me a platform ( to Stand in) and offers me a world beyond(community). Im interested to know the folks who waters the plants on the gardens, the yellow watering can, the shed and the people who goes to the rail line vicinity. Makes me think about the weather too, from looking at these pictures.

  7. Hi Ashleigh, check out She takes photos and films people through their windows, none of them know they're being captured but she says " The photographer also declares that if your curtains aren't drawn during your most private moments... you know full well someone is watching you"
    It seems like a good project to me, I like the voyeuristic approach that you have, everyone likes to be nosey!, and I like that you're embracing that by showing the edges of the windows so we can see your vantage point. For this reason I personally feel the third photograph doesn't sit well as a series with the others, however it is a lovely image and I wouldn't totally discard it, maybe save it for a later project.
    I do think there is something lacking however, and please don't take this in a negative way, as I said I love the images, I just personally feel that it might be nice to get some with your neighbours in the garden unaware that you are watching them, and try and capture little moments and movements that happen when they are unaware they're being watched, (singing, picking there nose, looking around suspiciously) Those things are great to pick up on a the viewer can connect a little better I think.
    Hope this comment helps in some way!
    Chloe :)


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