Mavala's Flashy Violet polish


Mavala flashy violet nail polish*
Buy them from John Lewis department stores here. (£4.10)

Mavala are a beauty brand from Switzerland who are the leading sellers in nail care. They have recently branched out and started selling other beauty items but I am yet to try them.

I painted my nails in this gorgeous nail colour by Mavala yesterday and it hasn't chipped so far! I really love the colour. Flashy violet is such a good name for it. It's a rich dark blue with specs of purple in it. A really pretty colour!  It took a good two/three minutes to properly dry but I wasn't bothered (unless I'm in a rush!).

I was also sent three other colours but there's only one more that I personally like. I'll probably add the other two to my 'giveaway box'. I'm sure one of you ladies out there will like them! I also still have their matte/velvet top coat to try out. Considering that retails at £10.25, I have high hopes! I'll probably use that at some point soon so watch out for that review!

* The item above was sent to me by Mavala. I have not been paid to review their products. All opinions are my own.
Any item reviewed with an asterix (*) has purely been sent to me for consideration (as of December 2011) to review on ASHLLYD. It's up to me whether I want to feature such items on my blog. 


  1. That's gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of Barry M's Navy but more purpley? x

  2. That looks like such a lovely colour! Perfect borderline between violet and navy. Love the sound of the velvet top coat as well (:

  3. Beautiful colour sweetie. :) x

  4. Gorgeous colour & you have such a lovely blog here.
    You've gained a follower for sure :)

    Leigh xx

  5. Such a pretty colour! x

  6. Its a lovely colour beaut xxx


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