Elegant Touch Classic French Tip Nails


 Elegant Touch Classic French Tip, American Bare Short Nails 
£4.99 from New Look 

I don't usually wear fake nails but I wanted to try some out to wear for Christmas. I picked these up randomly whilst queuing in New Look in Oxford Street and I absolutely love them. They were hard to get used to at first because my nails are always short, but now I'm used to them! I applied them about a week ago and used a KISS nail glue instead of the one that came in it. None of the left hand have budged but one on my right hand flipped off yesterday whilst wrapping presents and my right thumb one flipped off today too! Nothing to worry about as I just glued them back on. There's also 24 nails in one pack so there's always a few extra ones you can apply! I think they look so pretty and are definitely going to be re-purchased soon!


  1. They look really nice on you! x

  2. Ooh these look wonderful! :D

  3. These sound great, theyre a really good price too!


  4. Gorgeous! I am amazed the packet ones look that good! The only times I've tried to do them, they looked completely horrible. Might be time to try them again :)


  5. they look so pretty! i never wear fake nails but might have to give these a go:)

  6. These look so pretty, I never wear fake nails but I might give them a go now X


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