September Glossy Box REVIEWS


I have used three of the five products received in September's Glossy Box. As a first time subscriber, overall I'm very, very pleased with everything I received. I did a huge blog post here with pictures of everything I received.. but I thought I would blog about how I've got along with the products after giving them a fair amount of time to work their magic.

HD BROWS PALETTE #FOXY (Full size, worth £19.95!)
NUXE DRY OIL SAMPLE (for face, body & hair)

I definitely want to buy the full sizes of the shampoo and conditioner! Since bleaching my hair; my hair's been very dry at the ends, as expected and tends to turn out frizzy in the morning if I sleep on wet hair. I think it got even more damaged the second time I bleached it to make it lighter which was around the time my Glossy Box arrived. First of all, I think there was a generous amount of conditioner but there wasn't enough shampoo to cover all of my hair, even though both samples were the same size (I forget how many ml.. but the average sample size!). I mixed a tiny bit of a Herbal Essences shampoo so I could cover all of my hair. The smell of the Rahua (RA-WA) shampoo is very weird. The samples state that the products are made with 100% natural ingredients so your hair gets complete nourishment and isn't suffocated in plastic.. which many shampoos contain! It smells fresh, but weird.. something that will take me a while to get used to, considering most of the shampoos I use smell of fruit.  It says to leave the conditioner in for three minutes which I did. There was also enough in the sample to cover all of my hair (I concentrate on my ends). I let my hair air-dry and was really surprised at the result. My hair was smooth, non-frizzy and just genuinely nice to touch. You could tell it was still a little fried on the ends but gradually that look has gone away and it's slowly re-covering from its little makeover...

I absolutely love this. I've used it everytime I've done my makeup (I won't say everyday.. I've had a lot of duvet days recently!). The shades match my dark roots perfectly. It comes with a little brush with a blending side and an angled side, great for shaping the arch for example. It's also a really versatile product as the shadows can double up to transform the eyes. It's been something I have really enjoyed using this month!

Nuxe Dry Oil... this is a love & hate relationship. Firstly, it's so hard to apply. There is no pump to press so you literally have to pour a little onto your fingertips and run it through the tips of your hair. This can be a little tricky if the oil slips through your fingers! Not the greatest at easiness. As for the oil itself; the first time I used it was on towel-dried hair. Even though it states it's a dry oil, I wasn't sure whether to apply it on wet or dry hair. The result was great; my hair was shiny & looked healthier. However, the second time I used it.. I must of applied too much! I blow-dried my hair and it looked so greasy! Less is more!

What did you think of these products?


  1. great review :)

    & super lovely blog :)


  2. I wish I hadn't cancelled before receiving this box!

  3. Thank you Sanam!
    Aw, you should subscribe again! I think Glossy Box is a mix match.. I'm not a fan of the other two products! xx

  4. I wish I'd joined glossy box just for the HD brow kit!


  5. Aw! if you have £20 to fork out you could buy it! :) x


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