Lanzarote, April 2011 (Belated post) some photography too!

After a 'successful' last post about a college project on my Grandparent's, many of you wanted to see more of my photography, so I'm going to keep updating you guys!

This wasn't a project. I went to Lanzarote for a week in April of this year with my Mum, Sister, Aunt, two cousin & my Nan. My Nan's in her mid-60's so we jetted away for her very last holiday. I only shot digitally as I had no dollar to buy film (boo!). Some are personal photos, some are merely "photography shots". I didn't have this blog back then so count this as... as very late post! Enjoy :)

 Our hotel room :-)

 My cousin's face makes me laugh here LOL.

 Sister, me & my Mum :)

 Sunburnt legs, ouch!


 Glass boat


 Double mint chocolate chip.. lush.

 This was exhibited in June at the Free Range exhibition, Brick Lane!
Did you see it?

 A whole store dedicated to Hello Kitty <3
Release my inner-child!

 Why do I have such a potato head?


 Some alcholic cocktail, was so lovely.

 Drag queen night!!

 Boat trip.. me and my Nanna x

 Funny faces..

Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts.
I have no idea?!

Lots of love.



  1. Lovely pictures!

    Hollie x

  2. Aww looks like lots of fun :) I prefer posts to be based around the person that is writing the blog, so you can relate and really get to know them as a person, and posts like this really help!


  3. It was lots of fun! Yeah same here, personal blogs are more lovely to read :) Thank you for the comment Sophie!

  4. Thank you Hollie :)

  5. beautiful holiday pictures, dear! have a nice day

  6. Thank you :) you too!

  7. Oh, i love holiday snaps so much! Makes me want to go on holiday yet keeps me satisfied with providing a bit of escapism. x

  8. Me too! The second week always rushes by though!


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