Giveaway Winner


On the 10th August, I launched a giveaway for everybody to enter to win a premium professional brush kit by Sigma. Entries had to be drawing entries and everybody had to draw me :-) I judged the winning picture with the one which was the most creative/funny/well thought out.

A huge congrats to Emma who entered a really lovely drawing of me drawn entirely from BIC Biro pen which I was so impressed with! She really thought about the entry (so much so that she submitted her entry the day the giveaway was ending lol!). She even included lyrics from my beloved Dallas Green and also enhanced my statement red lip. What a babe!


Here's my other favourite entries. Sadly there could only be one winner! 

A huge thank you to everybody who participated!
 There will be another huge giveaway at 500 subs.
 I  may also host some mini giveaways on behalf of my blog only, I will see :-)

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